It has taken longer than I anticipated writing this third installment—for which, I apologize. Interestingly enough, in the interim, I am discovering some of the challenges surrounding the difficult decisions that I plan to discuss in this series and that we have to face in the future.

One of the difficult decisions that I want to discuss after this is the decision to allocate our resources (e.g., people and financial resources) in different ways than we have in the past. Because we cannot assume that our revenues will also continue to grow as they once did (even though the Lord blessed us last year to have one of our best tithe years ever and has continued to bless thus far this year), we cannot continue to spend in exactly the same way as we once did.

When I talk to people about that, everyone nods in agreement, until I talk about not spending the same amount of money in an area where they want money spent. Then, reducing expenditures is not such a good idea!

But re-examining how we allocate our resources is something that has to be done. We can either do it now, in a time of peace, or, we can do it later, when there may a crisis. I intend to do it now.

But, that is for another day. Today, we want to continue our series on moving the pastor.

We have already shared some of why this can be such a difficult decision. It involves issues that are financial and emotional. It involves attempting to ascertain what is the best thing for the church(es) involved, the pastor, the pastor’s family, the other pastors in the conference and the finances of the conference. Ideally, all of those entities are all on the same page, […]