Once again, it has taken me longer to write the next part (which I had originally planned to be the last part) of the “Moving Your Pastor” Series-I apologize once more.

So far, we have talked about the why of the pastor’s move, the how much it cost to move a pastor (Answer: A lot, both emotionally and financial, for the pastor and his family, and a lot financially to the conference). We said that the best reason why we could give to move pastors, given the financial and the emotional costs involved, is because the alternative-which is to not ever move any pastors, is worse-at least to me.

We also talked about all the moving parts that are involved in a move: The pastor, his/her family, the church where the pastor currently serves, the church where he/she is going next, the availability of another pastor to take the place of the pastor that is moving, the affect a potential move might have on that pastor, that church, their family, the affect on the other pastors in the conference, the affect on the finances of the conference, etc. As one might imagine, it can be difficult sometimes to find a move for a pastor that is going to make everyone happy. In fact, there are times that the pastoral moves that administrators have to recommend, make people very unhappy.

Ironically, what people do not realize is that sometimes the things that I have to do relative to pastoral moves make meunhappy, too. We lost a gifted pastor recently to another conference. To replace that pastor, we had to move another pastor who I would have preferred stay in the district and continue the good work going there. To replace that pastor, we had to move another pastor, whom I also would rather have stayed a while longer […]