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The Adventist Book Center: Is It to Be or Not to Be? Part II

In our continuing “Difficult Decisions” Series, we begin our discussion on a long time institution in our conference, and in most conferences the Adventist Book Center, or, as it is euphemistically known “the ABC”.

If you have had the wonderful privilege that I have had to grow up in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and you have been around as long as I have, you go back to the days when the ABC was known as “The Book and Bible House.”

Incidentally, there are things that are a dead giveaway that you have been blessed to have been around a long time: such as knowing that the ABC was once called, “The Book and Bible House” (my youngest sister, Lori, still calls it that), or if you remember when the Adventist Youth Society (AYS) was called the Missionary Volunteer Society (MV). There was even a song about “Missionary Volunteers,” I started to quote it, but then I remembered that I might get the conference into trouble if I quoted the song in this blog without getting permission, another sign of how things have changed.

And, you never could have MV without singing, Song Number Four in the MV songbook (or whatever they called it) “The Captain Calls For You.” When I was Youth Director, we had a Pastors’ Family Retreat and I had the AYS program for the Pastors and their families. We decided to make it an old-fashioned AYS, and we used as the opening song, “The Captain Calls You,” which all of us old Adventists sang lustily, while our children looked at us as though we were speaking a foreign language.

The ABC is part of that Adventist legacy. But today, that part of our legacy (along with other parts of it) is in danger. Virtually every morning in my devotion, […]

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Difficult Decisions Series-The Adventist Book Center: Is It to Be or Not to Be?

After a summer recess, we continue with our Difficult Decisions Series. As I was looking ahead the other day to the subjects that we are going to address in the coming weeks, we shall be addressing some “hot” topics in the near future. We do that, not to be controversial; but to share the issues and get your responses. The fact is, I am already wincing at the responses that I anticipate I am going to get from at least a few people.

In the Seventh-day Adventist Church and in the South Central Conference, we have some difficult decisions that will have to be made. Some of them are on some very controversial issues.

But not talking about them will not make those issues go away, nor will not talking about them make deciding them any easier. So, since we have to come to some kind of decision on these controversial issues and since we have to talk about them in order to decide them and since good and honest people can (and do) see these issues differently, maybe we can do what Seventh-day Adventists sometimes seem to have a difficult time doing: Discuss difficult issues in a civil manner and disagree without being disagreeable.

If we cannot do that, then our church will end up operating as our United States Congress operates-which is, not very well at all. We elect politicians to solve problems; all they seem to do is to fight about our problems.

I heard some political commentator say about President Obama once that he “hates” white people. The President’s mother was white, he was raised by a white grandmother and a white grandfather, he was elected by a majority white electorate, but he “hates” white people, Really?

That is what happens in an environment where, if […]

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