We have been talking about some difficult decisions that our conference is facing and will face in the days to come. Facing difficult decisions is not unique to South Central; all organizations both inside the church and out face difficult decisions on a regular basis; it is a part of dealing with a new and challenging economy.

The hard reality is that this new economy is not going to permit us to do everything that we have become accustomed to doing in the past. On some level, that is what makes difficult decisions difficult, because some of the things that we can no longer do are things that people like to do.

For example, we are not having Church Officers Convention this year. We decided a year ago that it was not good stewardship to spend $200,000 every year to train church officers when most churches elect church officers everyother year. So, we are going to an every other year format.

Except, personally, I enjoy having Church Officers Convention every year. The coming together is good, it allows me to see and “touch” and talk to and listen to the constituency in a way that I cannot do any other time except for Camp Meeting. I shall miss not having Church Officers Convention this year.

On the other hand, this new and challenging economy, while it presents problems that we have not had to face, italso presents opportunities that we have not had as well. We have opportunities to do ministry in new, different and more efficient ways. We are being forced to make changes that we probably would not have made if we did not have to make them.

For example, not having Church Officers Convention this year will force us to do the kinds […]