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Monthly Archives: February 2013

State of the Conference Part Two: Evangelizing Our Conference

Last time, we began what will be a multi-part series on the State of the Conference.

We said that we would do so in the context of our core values; we call them The 7 E’s.

They are:

Evangelizing Our Conference
Equipping Our Workers
Educating Our Children
Engaging Our Young Adults
Enunciating Our Expectations
Evaluating Our Results
Entreating Our God

We started last time by sharing with you how the Lord has blessed our conference relative to the first E: Evangelizing Our Conference. 

We shared with you that in 2012, the Lord blessed our conference with 1,491 reported baptisms.  That was the highest number of baptisms in the last 20 years       (which is as far back as the records that are readily available to me go).

Additionally, we know that there are at least 120 baptisms that occurred in 3 churches that did not get reported. That would have given us over 1,600 baptisms, which could very well be the largest number in the history of our conference (we shall know for certain in a few days).  To God be the glory, or, as our Latino brethren would say Glory a Dios (Glory to God).

Here are the Pastors/churches whom the Lord blessed to lead us in baptisms last year:

Dr. Carlton Byrd/Elders Edmund Julius/Toussaint Williams/Lloyd Wilson, Oakwood University Church- 179
Pastor Darron George, Vicksburg/Port Gibson, Mississippi-94
Elder William Scales, Bessemer First Church-80
Elder James Owens, Memphis Longview-65
Elder Daniel Lubega, Pensacola/Atmore-62
Elder Debleaire Snell/Elders Alfred Hill/Alfonzo Greene, Huntsville First Church-61
Elder James Norman, Phenix City/Opelika, Alabama-50
Elder Albert Frazier, Birmingham South Park-46
Elder David Steede, II, Memphis New Covenant-46
Elder Michael Lewis, Selma/Thomasville, Alabama-45
Elder Fred Batten, Jr., Memphis Word of Life-44
Elder Marshall Johnson, Jackson Berean-40
Elder Alexander Lampkin, Knoxville College Hill-39
Elder Furman Fordham II/Pastor Michael Polite, Nashville Riverside Chapel-39
Elder Clifton McMillan, Adamsville/Fairfield, Alabama-36
Elders Alex Horton/Chester Readus, Birmingham Ephesus-32
Pastor Dorian Melo, Crossville/Boaz/Gadsen/Oakwood Spanish-32
Pastor Ricky Wade, North Cheatham County-32
Elder […]

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The State of the Conference- 2013: Part 1

Today, we would like to begin a multi-part series on the state of our conference 2013. Usually, we do this at Church Officers Convention, on the final morning.  This year, we would like to use this format. One of the things that I have learned these past 3 ½ years that you and the Lord have given to me in this responsibility is changing the way that we do certain things is inevitable even good.  Theoretically, no one wants to do the same things, the same way, over and over again.
The problem is, when we think of change, we generally think of other people changing, or, changing things that we do not like in the first place.  But in order to move our conference forward and do the work that God has given us to do in these last days, pretty much all of us are going to change something.
That is just the way things are. We live in a changing world. South Central is a very different place than it was back in 1978 when Mrs. Edmond and I began in ministry, and for us to attempt to do ministry the same way as we did it in those days will surely cause us to fail.   To say that everybody has to change at least, a little, is not the same thing as saying everything has to change.   Some things do not need to change ever. Our message is timeless; we preach the “everlasting gospel.” That gospel has always been and will always be.  But the methods for sharing that gospel have to change. The challenge for our church and for our conference is to make sure that we are constantly re-examining our methods without ever changing our message.  We are challenged in making what are sometimes […]

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