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Monthly Archives: March 2013


The State of Conference Part V: Equipping Our Workers

Today, our State of the Conference Series continues with the third of the 7 E’s-Equipping Our Workers. The most important assets in our conference, or, any other conference, are the constituents and the workers.  Without constituents and workers, there is no conference. It is true that the President’s job is to set a direction and communicate that direction and report on where the conference is going, relative to that direction. But it is the constituents and the workers who are primarily responsible for doing the things that the President communicates and reports. The next two articles in this series will deal with the things that we are trying to do to equip our workers to provide better service for you. The focus is going to primarily be on the Pastors and the office staff. There are basically four kinds of workers in the conference: Pastors, Educators, Office Staff and Literature Evangelist. Our discussion will focus on Pastors and the Office Staff - not because the other two are not important - they are. It is just that my office deals primarily with the hiring and equipping of Pastors and Office Staff. The Office of Education addressing the training of our teachers.  For me to talk about the training of our educational personnel would be to assume an expertise that I do not have. The Publishing Director, or the FHES Director (Family Home Education Service), Elder Java D. Mattison, is responsible for the recruitment of literature evangelist.  If you are an old Adventist like me; you remember when we used to call them “colporteurs”. As I have said previously, there are certain things that are a dead giveaway that you are an old Adventist, like me: [...]

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