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Monthly Archives: May 2013

South Central Camp Meeting, 2013

We want to interrupt our continuing series on the State of the Conference for two articles on Camp Meeting.

The first such article is on the recently completed South Central Camp Meeting.  That will be followed on next week with what has become something of an annual article, observations that I share with you as I have the privilege of visiting other camp meetings.

I am a hopelessly old-fashioned, dyed-in-the-wool Seventh-day Adventist, who grew up in this church attending camp meeting. My parents would take their vacation time, every year, and spend it at camp meeting at the old Allegheny Conference.

I have been around so long, I remember the days before Allegheny East and Allegheny West divided and there was just the Allegheny Conference.  Camp meeting was on the campus of Pine Forge Academy.

I had the privilege of serving with Elder Charles Cheatham, who recently ended his service as President of Allegheny East, due to term limits. His father was the President of Allegheny Conference when I was a little boy attending camp meeting there. He was the first Conference President I ever knew.

Pretty much everybody stayed in a tent in those days, as did my family-all 4 of us children, 2 parents, and sometimes, my grandmother. I have no idea how we managed, but we did manage. In fact, we managed so well that all of us looked forward to going to camp meeting every year.

The last few years of our camp meetings in Allegheny, we “moved up” graduating from a tent, to staying at the home of Elder and Mrs. Walter M. Starks. Elder Starks later became the first President of Allegheny West and after a few months, became the first (I believe) Stewardship Director for the General […]

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We Interrupt This Program…

We want to pause our series on “ The State of the Conference” to briefly address two issues: The end of an era, relative to our Adventist Book Center (ABC), and the beginning of an era, relative to a new Pope.

We have already spent a lot of time addressing the whys and wherefores of the closing of our ABC; we shall not re-open that discussion. Today, I want to give a farewell salute to our ABC Manager, Theron Thomas.

The single most difficult issue that any Conference President has to address, at least for me, is when a worker leaves the employ of a conference for reasons other than by their choice. Usually, the conference is being forced to react to a decision that the worker has made that is in violation of the policies of the conference.

However, that is not the case with Brother Thomas. He was brought onto a ship that was already sinking (a fact that he was told prior to his accepting the position). He worked very hard to save the ABC. Moreover, he was always pleasant and easygoing, despite being under tremendous pressure. Even after he was told that the ABC would close and that his job would end, he never changed his attitude or his work ethic.

There are two sayings that people have told me that have stuck with me. The first one came from a Pastor who did a Week of Prayer in my church school when I was a little boy, growing up in Cleveland, Ohio. I have long since forgotten the name of the Pastor, but I have never forgotten what he said: “You are what you are, under pressure.” In other words, how we deal with the adversity […]

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