Last time, we talked about Camp Meeting, 2013, in South Central Conference and how the Lord blessed our gathering.
Every year, I make it a habit to visit at least one other camp meeting, in another conference. I do that to learn how others do camp meeting and to try and put that knowledge to use to benefit South Central.

This year, I had the privilege of visiting three other camp meetings, besides the two that we have in our conference. From the end of May, until the end of June, I was on a “Camp Meeting high”.

Here is what I learned:

(1)   Camp Meetings Are Special:  I already knew that, but my camp meeting experiences this year reminded me of that once more.

The two camp meetings that I visited after ours, Southeastern Conference and Allegheny West, had powerful Sabbath services, just as the Lord blessed us to have powerful Sabbath worship services at our camp meeting.

I left those two worship services reminded again why camp meetings are important. I remember what my younger sister said to me when she returned home after spending the entire time at our camp meeting: She said to me that all of the money that we spent (and we spent a ton) was worth it.

I felt the same way when I left Southeastern and Allegheny West: Whatever they spent was worth it as well (and I asked-they spent a ton, too. Well, Allegheny West spent more like a “quarter ton”, because they only had a weekend. But, relative to the size of their conference and the size of their workforce, camp meeting was not inexpensive for them, either. Southeastern had a full camp meeting, as we did, and they spent a ton).

Which leads me to the second […]