Equipping Our Workers-Part II

After taking a break from our continuing series on the State of the Conference for our annual Camp Meeting series, we now return.

We have been discussing what we have called “The 7 E’s”, which are the core values that guide the direction of our conference.

Since we have been away for a while, let us re-state what “The 7 E’s “ are:

Evangelizing Our Conference

Equipping Our Workers

Educating Our Children

Engaging Our Young Adults

Enunciating Our Expectations

Evaluating Our Results

Entreating Our God

Last time, we gave you some general information about the nearly 200 people who work for you in the South Central Conference. Today, we want to share with you how we try to go about equipping, or training our staff.

From the outset, we said that we shall only address in this space, the training of the Pastoral staff and the office staff. The other two employee categories are the educational staff and the Literature Evangelist staff; we said their training is done by the heads of their respective departments. As it relates to the equipping/training of our Pastors and our office staff, we have emphasized two things: Evaluation and Education.

Most of you who are in the secular workforce are familiar with evaluations-most of you receive them on at least a yearly basis. For various reasons-and, I am not sure of all of those reasons myself-over the years, evaluations have not been a part of the training of either our Pastoral or office staff-it just has not happened.

We believe, however, that evaluations are a vital part of the training of all of our workers.  At their best, evaluations, affirm strengths-they tell you what you are doing right, and they point out weaknesses-so that you can fix what you are doing wrong-so you can correct […]