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Monthly Archives: November 2013


South Central’s 1st Annual Generosity Symposium

“It was a blessing to experience the Generosity Symposium,” stated Pastor Alex Horton, “The Word of GOD, the presentations, workshops, breakout sessions, materials, gifts, and the special ASI (Adventist-Laymen’s Services & Industries) business luncheon were superb. It was organized by our South Central Stewardship Ministries team, Elder Michael Harpe, director, and Elder James Lewis, associate. Event team members/presenters included Attorney Rick Hutchinson, Gulf States Conference stewardship/trust director, Pastor Larry Bailey, South Central pastor, former stewardship director, northeastern conference, Dr. Theodore Brown Sr., associate professor, management, Oakwood University, and Jeremy Anderson, author of Prodigal to Prodigy and four other works—ASI speaker. The event was extraordinarily well put together which included the area churches and was well done. The Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church family, Birmingham, Alabama was blessed. The New Life Praise Team from Huntsville, Alabama served as our guest music and rendered melodious praise and worship music for the morning worship experience. Powerful! Inspirational! Fantastic! The Symposium ministered to our hearts with practical and faithful instructions that were evangelistic and encouraging.” On Sabbath morning, October 19th, Sabbath-school time, the Generosity Symposium began with a workshop by James Lewis (pictured below) entitled “Principles of Productivity;” Lewis shared practical financial sense about money and the gospel; next was a generosity spot light by Larry Bailey, “Managers or Owners,” which laid the foundation of our role as stewards. At offertory time, Michael Harpe highlighted the significance of the tithe and the difference between the function of it and the local offering. Sabbath afternoon, Ted Brown dealt with “Financial Wellness,” and debt free living. Bailey likewise followed sharing a breakout on “Equal Giving vs. Equal Sacrifice,” the true spirit of giving and sacrifice. Symposium presenter: James Lewis, associate stewardship [...]

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NAD Year-End Meetings Experience

This year, I had the privilege of representing the Southern Union as a NAD executive committee member for the first time. With experience serving on the South Central Conference executive committee, I had similar expectations. However, it was not until I arrived that I realized how different NAD Year-End Meetings were and how a few days could make the impact of a lifetime. The NAD Year-End meetings are held once a year in Silver Spring, Maryland at the Seventh-day Adventists General Conference Headquarters. Just being in that building was an amazing experience for me. I was so enthralled by those I met that I treated colleagues and fellow members more like national celebrities. I knew that I'd been given the rare opportunity to see my church in an intimate and transparent way. Our meetings were based on six building blocks: the Adventist Learning Community, Transformational Evangelism, Women in Ministry, Social Media, Retention of Youth and Young Adults, and the Emerging Immigrant Population. As we were presented with initiatives and personal video narratives within each of these six building blocks, I became very passionate about these programs. For example, youth ministries presented research collected through their partnership with the Barna Group and shared very compelling data that provided insight as to why our young people are leaving the church. Hearing the details of what young people believe and feel about our church, who are just 5-10 years younger than I am, pierced my heart. It was as if I could see the faces of my friends and family members within that 18-29 age range who have walked away from the faith. However, it gave me a renewed respect for our world church because I appreciated the [...]

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Huntsville Havoc – Ice Fishing

"Be where God wants you to be and then when you get there do what He wants you to do and say what He wants you to say." That's my mantra. And on this day the truth of that statement was like a flashing message on a billboard. I was where God wanted me to be. I was at my daughter's kindergarten graduation. But I had this overwhelming itch that there was something He wanted me to do. The room was filled with 300 people, most of whom knew nothing about Adventism, and many who knew little about Christ. I had to tell someone about Jesus. Not for a goal or a membership number but because I wanted them to know the God I knew. There was something I was supposed to say. And so I turned and started to talk to the innocent bystander next to me. I recognized him to be the parent of one of my daughter's classmates. Before he or I knew it, I was spewing all this Jesus stuff all over him. There was a nod and a smile but no rejection. I never forgot that moment. The moment I was salt. And I felt content that I had done what I was supposed to do. And then months later I got a call from the same gentleman. He seemed not to forget that moment either. He happened to be the coach of the professional hockey team in town, the Huntsville Havoc. He told me that the team was looking for its first chaplain and he wanted me to meet the owner of the team. We met for lunch but cordial conversation quickly changed when the owner said "I am [...]

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