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2014 PRAYER SUMMIT – Righteousness by Faith

//2014 PRAYER SUMMIT – Righteousness by Faith

2014 PRAYER SUMMIT – Righteousness by Faith

March 7-9, 2014

Prayer Ministry experience and spiritual uplift attitude are alive and doing well in SCC 50. So, excitement filled the air as we checked in. The environs of Shocca Springs, Talledega provided the quietude of a ready retreat for the 250 plus people seeking a respite. The charming little paradise of prayer was the center of attraction on Friday, March 7, and all roads led to this place where Pastor Metard Solamon, Pastor of Moncon English and French SDA Churches in Canada would speak.   Elder Roy Rugless, South Central Conference Prayer Director poured his effort into creating “A Prayer Summit to be remembered,” and President Dana Edmond gave full support to this venture. As that Friday faded into sunset and heaven touched earth with rest, voices of a praise team who led the congregation in lifting praises to God as all sang lustily, as if one voice.

God is our Rock, Hope of Salvation, A strong Deliverer In Him will I always trust…

The opening song was the theme song:   … I humble myself and I begin to worship…for what He’s done for me…redeemed and set me free…and because , just because He’s God … the victory He’s won. The opening prayer implore… “blessing on this encampment, may thy glory fill this house” so that a revival can be made.  

The facilitator, Metard Solamon, introduced his subject, Powerful Good News with the thought that, “You are here for a reason! Nothing is impossible with God, and the Holy Spirit can empower our lives.” The Holy Spirit is to influence every aspect of our lives so that we will keep on being filled. Be filled with His Holy Spirit. “Though at times things may seem out of control,” he said, keep your hand in the hand of God’s for He has a High calling on your life. When He leads you to a hard place, follow without fear. Keep in mind the experience of the Israelites. They thought freedom, but they saw dust, Pharaoh’s army behind, the mountains on either side and the sea in front of them. Suddenly, God miraculously opened the sea and delivered them. With the desert experience too, the Spirit led them into the wilderness to give some real lessons in faith. With rapt attention we listened as the speaker handled that great theological topic, “Righteousness by Faith.” Under the deft fingers of Ron on “the Vibes” the cadence of “We Shall behold Him,” sounded heavenly and added to the meditative atmosphere we enjoyed surrounding a beautifully decorated prayer room of our weekend respite.

Morning dawned fair but cold with some brave persons enjoyed a morning walk, and others going to the prayer room. But sooner or later all ended in the first service of the day with the praise team leading us into a chorus of praise; “Lord we come in adoration for the things that you have done; we give you the praises!” We bless your name… Christ Jesus our Redeemer, our blessed Lord and Savior… for You alone are worthy of honor and all praise. The speaker’s great love for his overall topic “Righteousness by Faith,” coupled with his passion evangelism and revival allowed him to rivet our attention on a compelling question; “What kind of relationship would exist if wife and husband only think of each other for what they got from each other and not for who they are?” Next, followed his assignment. “You’re entered into the throne room of God. Use this great privilege and thank God for all that He has done for you in whatever period you choose with (birth to now) or (for this week) or (this morning). This activity was made easy when the praise team led us in singing praises. “Lord I love you and I worship you- you are worthy to be praised. –Although, angels continuously sing holy, holy, holy we do not give God the praise He deserves.” The message of these songs is ‘Praise Him’ was contagious and soon everyone got into the spirit of praise that even the roof of the building seemed to be lifting above in a rich, volume of praise. Soon it was time for testimonies that witness of God’s goodness.

Witness #1 gave her experience. “I had no job and no money. I prayed earnestly. I knew that it would be late to get an application in but I heard the insistent voice saying. Get you! Go to a certain place. Get your job! I did as I was directed and miracle of miracles, I got the job I knew I wouldn’t get.” Then from the next witness came an SOS for youth. “We need your help! It’s not like in your days! Where are the young people? The devil is a liar! We need the mothers, the fathers, and the prayer warriors. Helps us! We need victory special prayer and ask not to forget our young people.” So witness one prayed that God would inspire us through the Holy Spirit and use us according to thy Divine will and Divine plan, then bring glory to His name.

The third witness started- “I know how to praise the Lord! God is good! He gave me $20,000 on my debit card.” Suddenly, there were praises in the whole auditorium. Yes, workers at Shocco Springs joined in too. We then were able to endorse the minister’s charge, “You’re here at Shocco Springs for a reason! Surely nothing is impossible with God…” It suddenly seemed easy to accept his advice: “Do not fight to gain the victory for our foundation is victory, but begin by walking under the umbrella of Grace. Righteousness by Faith,” he explained, “is not received as the reward of works, but it is in response to God’s gift of love. Think of this. It is the love of Christ that holds me together, sustains me and pushes me to action. First, you meditate on it. Next, you receive it. Then last you must declare it. What matters most is the faith that works with love. This is the love of God that restrains (trains) and constrains (energizes).” Suddenly a glorious light shone into our hearts revealing that love from the Everlasting One. We learnt that it allows us to have righteousness by faith because God the Father sees us through the righteous of His Son.  Cheryl Sullivan sang Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, this made us lift grateful hearts to our God for the wonder of His great love that allows us righteousness by faith.

“When I consider the tendencies within me,” said Pastor Metard Solomon, “I realize that my God is passionately in love with all of us. He even emphasized, ‘I have graven thee in the palms of my hands’. The speaker continued to show that the love a mother has for her child is but a drop in the bucket and it is God’s purpose to rekindle the purpose of Divine love in your veins. Everything you do your way instead of God’s way- you’re doing it against God and it is a sin. “For me”, continued Pastor Solomon, “I love to gossip to the gospel. I love to spread holy rumor. I love to ask, “Have you heard? The joy His love brings is what makes the difference in our lives. Then make the joy of the Lord your strength. What God has promised he is able to fulfill. It is high time to start developing a faith that will not falter nor fail for He said, “My word shall not return unto me void,” and God is faithful, For He cannot deny Himself.

Dr. Phillip Willis Sr., former evangelist for Breath of Life, worldwide Broadcast Ministry, in his challenge sermon emphasized– “We need to believe God and trust His word. True,” he said, “Satan doesn’t like you, but God calls you Jashurum, darling, so try to do as Abraham did. He believed God’s word “even though” and “staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief.” “Think of it,” Willis continued, “We do serve a God who’s always on time, even though often He seems to be four days late- still He’s on time because He’s a God who keeps His promises. True that Satan meddles with your person, your property, and your loved one. But here is the Good news! God doesn’t let the sun go down on Sabbath without every prayer being answered. Trust Him. He even sees beyond our words- He sees into our hearts. Remember when He asked the cripple- “Don’t you want to be healed? He knew what the man wished and still knows our thoughts today, too. Then good, sound advice followed- When you encounter a problem, call on Him. Some battles can only be won with a shout! Save my children! Save my marriage! Pray, in bathroom, in the yard, while driving, or in any other place when you sense a need for prayer. In fact pray all the time! You have a prayer-hearing, prayer-answering Father; PRAISE HIM for praise is the highest form of prayer. Pray for yourself too. Ask Him to forgive us for not forgiving ourselves, to clothe us with robe of Christ’s righteousness. Think about righteousness and faith. Practice faith! Go out in Nature. Claim the promises for deliverance and healing. The 2nd coming will not come and His will not be done until it is undergirded with prayer. Understand just how important a prayer ministry is and take prayer seriously. In this down-to earth sermon, Pastor Willis mentioned how his faith helped him to come through his 6-time bout with cancer. His experience encouraged us all to listen to one, known as a walking miracle.

Now in thinking about Righteousness by faith, what do you believe about it? Anyone can hear the answer, “The just shall live by faith.” With that answer if you feel weak, or defeated- God is faithful. The minister emphasized, “He will with its temptation make a way of escape, so put faith in God and use the help given on three definitions of faith. Faith is a heart response to the power of God as revealed in His creative work. Next, Faith is a heart response to the faithfulness of God revealed in the promises of God. Last, Faith is a heart response to the love of God as revealed and demonstrated on the cross at Calvary. Yes, it is a developmental process- “Count it all joy. Some people are blessed with the gift of faith, but everyone has a measure of faith which we all need to develop. “This faith power,” the minister continued to explain, “is the victory that overcomes the world.” If we all could commit this little prayer to memory I believe it would help to grow our faith: “Lord, take my heart for I cannot give it …save me in spite of myself. Raise me into the pure, holy atmosphere where the rich current of thy love can flow through my soul.”We have left Shocco Springs behind, but cannot forget the Prayer Summit which emphasized spending time with the God of love who gives us righteousness by faith.


Cecily Daly, President

North Alabama Prayer Federation


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