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Monthly Archives: February 2014

South Central Prayer Ministries Organizes Collaborative Prayer Conference

Read about the collaboration our Prayer Ministry team experienced with JAMU in the Central Jamaica Conference: http://www.centralja.org/node/1057

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The Election of Dr. Sandra Roberts As the First Elected Female Conference President – The Conclusion

Last week, we ended with a question: Can we say that someone who has every other qualification, e.g., the experience, the education, etc., that we normally would like to see in a conference president be denied solely because she is a woman?

That question is a” hot potato”-believe me. But it is something that we in the Seventh-day Adventist Church have to settle. And we simply cannot settle it, without talking about it. And we cannot talk about this issue, without talking to people on both sides of the issue-and talking to each other-even when we disagree, in a civil and Christ-like manner, one that honors that God we all serve.

I said last time that I would give my answer to that question. I do not pretend that my answer is some divinely inspired answer to a discussion that, in some way or the other, has been going on in our church for decades.

The late Elder C.E. Dudley, who was the President of South Central for thirty-one years, and who I believe was gifted by God to be one of the greatest administrators in the history of our church, had a saying (actually, he had many sayings-I wish someone had written a book about them) “Where you stand, depends on where you sit.”

I think what he meant was that one’s position on a particular issue (except for issues where the Lord has directed us to take a particular position) is often shaped by where we are serving at a particular time; in other words, often times, our position that we take is often shaped by the position that we have.

I have the privilege of being the President of South Central Conference.  One of my major responsibilities […]

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The First Seventh-day Adventist Church in Huntsville, Alabama completed the final phase of renovations at its new location.  Just five months after occupying their new 54,000 square foot worship complex at 1303 Evangel Drive,  the church celebrated the grand opening of the Youth Center December 7, 2013. Located on the lower level, the center is designed to provide a safe environment for socializing and offers a creative learning atmosphere to grow the faith of young people.

The well-attended dedication service held during the ministerial meetings at Oakwood University featured Key speakers, music and talent.  South Central Conference president Dana Edmond praised the church for its vision and ministry to young people.  Pastor Damon Hendrickson from the Midland Heights SDA Church in Bermuda gave a thought provoking charge.

The fully renovated 5500 square foot hub is a state-of-the-art facility that contains male and female lavatories, the latest audio/visual and wireless Internet capabilities, an 80 seat Chapel area with fireplace, game area furnished with hockey, foosball and ping-pong table, a multifunctional retractable wall, and a kitchen with brand-new appliances.  According to Senior Pastor, Debleaire Snell,  the center is a high tech safe facility where young people of our church and community can come, not only to receive spiritual nurture, but also enjoy many positive recreational opportunities in a stylish and comfortable space for which they can be proud. For youth ministries who wish to hold meetings in the center, the center also has a conference room that seats 20 people.

The Center,  made possible through financial gifts from a host of partners and friends is for the ever expanding group of young people between the ages of 13 and 19.  Church member, Stanley McCall who is CEO and Founder of […]

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Mt. Calvary Opens Community Services Center

On Saturday, January 17, 2014, the Mt. Calvary Church members in Huntsville, AL, dedicated a new facility for its Community Services Center.   Having partnered with Manna House food distributors for several years, the center was operating out of the church’s fellowship hall.   Serving the members as well as the community, the center is known for the distribution of numerous holiday baskets during the Fall season, and additionally, for year round provisions to needy families.  The center is housed in a converted house across the street from the church that was purchased with the vision of providing a permanent home for the center.   The center will also be used to prepare weekly on-site meals for the homeless residents in the (Tent City) community under a local bridge.   Previously, these meals were prepared in member homes. Pastor Rupert Bushner,   and the members, are confident that community recognition of this Adventist church and its committed public service will gain even greater awareness.  The center is open for food  and clothing  distribution three Thursdays each month.  The ribbon-cutting ceremony followed the Divine Worship service, with Pastor Bushner giving the ceremonial address.   The celebration concluded with a tour of the facility led by the community services director, Yvonne Gidden, after which the attendees enjoyed a cake and punch reception.

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Bethany S.D.A. Community Services Hosts Phone-Faith Ministry For the Blind

Bethany S.D.A. Church’s Community Services in Montgomery, AL was happy to host the Phone-Faith Ministry for the Blind on Sunday, December 1, 2013.  Pastor Jeffery Watson gave a warm welcome from Bethany Church.  Nettie Henderson, Disability Coordinator for South Central Conference joined with Community Services Director Rose Claibon in extending the usual Bethany hospitality. Serving as hostesses, were Jeraldine Bowie, Everlene Hayes and Bettye Ward.  Deacons J.D. Chaffin and James Shipman were on hand to see that the fellowship hall was in order, where the event was held.

Doctor Dexter Thomas, Barbara Manuel, and other ministry leaders led out in the activities of the afternoon — songs, awards, gifts and games.  It was very inspiring to see those who were blind and visually impaired rejoicing over the hope and joy that had come into their lives by being able to join with others on the telephone across the country—to pray, praise and witness to God’s goodness.

The prayer line was organized by Dr. Dexter Thomas, and is opened, especially to all who are blind.  Each day the line offers the opportunity for fellowship and spiritual growth. Once a year they meet together for a banquet and celebration. This year, upon learning that they were seeking a location in Montgomery for the event, Bethany consented to serve as host. There were approximately twenty to twenty-five participants in fellowship hall from around the area. From 10:30 to      4 o’clock P.M. the banquet was well organized and filled with chatting, laughing and fun. They ended with prayer, and everyone went back home encouraged and glad to have met with their friends from the Phone-Faith Ministry for the Blind.   Community Services was happy and blessed in hosting this group at Bethany.

Rose […]

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Oakwood and Southern University Students Canvasses Together

This winter, literature evangelist from Oakwood and Southern Universities entered the mission field sharing their faith and returned with testimonies and $28,000 in donations toward their tuition. Here is one testimony.  “This winter was my first canvassing experience with South Central Conference and I can say that the Lord couldn’t have helped me make a better decision than this one for the entire year.  The Lord blessed me in many different ways over this campaign by finical and spiritual.  The Lord reveled to me why canvassing and witnessing to everybody in the world is very important and critical to our times now.  We must constantly remember Matthew 28:19-20 because that is the verse that I keep in my head all day while going out on the field for hours at a time in one day.  On one day while working a parking lot our day was coming to a close.  I wanted to talk to one more guy that the Holy Spirit led me to speak to in that very moment before leaving.  I approached the man in the car with his face looking very unset and disgruntled towards me. I began to give him my canvass when he looks at me and says “Go away, I don’t have any money and I have had two people who took me for everything I have so now I am poor and broke” I told him that I didn’t want his money but to only pray with him. At this point God opened a window of opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work through me to this man’s life. I began telling him about Jesus and his soon coming; moments after that the man began to cry. […]

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Memorial Service for Mrs. Vivian Brown

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The Election of Dr. Sandra Roberts As The First Female Conference President – Part II

Last time–which was two months ago-we talked about the General Conference’s position relative to the election of Dr. Sandra Roberts as the President of the Southeastern California Conference–the first elected female President of our conference in the history of our church (Mrs. Phyllis Lee Ware–then, Ms. Phyllis Lee –served as the Interim President of Central States approximately 20 years ago. Mrs. Ware current serves as the Treasurer for the Office of Regional Ministries and now resides in our conference).

We used the words of the author, Steven Covey, last time: In order to be understood, seek to understand. We said that while one might not always agree with a particular decision, it would seem good to at least to try to understand it.

We began by looking at the position of the General Conference President, Dr. Ted Wilson.  His position was that the General Conference would not recognize Southeastern California’s election of Dr. Roberts, because the world church does not recognize the ordination of women. By policy, conference presidents must be ordained.

We said that, whatever one may think of Dr. Wilson’s non-recognition of Southeastern California election of Dr. Roberts, his position was understandable; yea, it is the only position that he could take. The world church does not recognize the ordination of women as pastors. By policy, all conference presidents have to be ordained pastors. Therefore, it would be the position of the General Conference that Dr. Roberts-or, any other unordained person–male or female–could not be a conference president.

We said last time that Dr. Wilson’s position is perfectly understandable. Dr. Wilson is the President of the General Conference. He has to uphold the policies of the General Conference, as long as those policies do not violate “Thus […]

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“Biggest Loser” Brings Baptism!

Biggest Loser: “Hi, I’m Rebecca and I heard that your church is having a Biggest Loser program. I’m in Scale Back Alabama (weight loss program) and I would like to join your group to get some information to help motivate my team to lose weight.” Since we were already in our third week, I just allowed her to come and watch. She was grateful and mention that, “When you see me you will know who I am.” Then she said, “I’ll will have on ruby red lipstick, big earrings, necklaces around my neck, rings on every finger and a big afro”. I said, “Bring it on!  Rebecca showed up next week and was truly blessed by all the health principles she had learned. At the conclusion of the Biggest Loser, she attended the awards celebration during Sabbath service.
Bible Study: On day I mentioned that our senior pastor Debleaire Snell is conducting a wonderful bible study series each Wednesday night and I invited her to attend. She accepted and started attending every week, being amazed at all the new truths she was hearing. We gradually introduced her to several church members and the pastoral staff. After attending several weeks, she ran into her pastor. He said to her, “Rebecca, we haven’t seen you in quite a while, where have you been.” Her reply was, I’ve been attending the First Seventh-day Adventist bible study on Wednesday, and I won’t be back unless you start preaching the truths I’ve been hearing at that church.”

Building Friendships: Rebecca had “tons” of questions concerning Seventh-day Adventist and we would always answer just those questions. We began inviting her over for dinner on several occasions and she really enjoyed the healthier entrees […]

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Funeral Announcement for Mrs. Etta M. Dudley

The celebration of the life of Mrs. Etta M. Dudley will be Sunday, February 2, 2014, 11 a.m. at Riverside Chapel Seventh-day Adventist Church, 800 Youngs Ln, Nashville, TN 37207, 615-227-1838. Family visitation and viewing will start at 10 a.m.The interment service is scheduled for Monday, February 3, 10:30 a.m. at the Oakwood Memorial Gardens, Huntsville, AL.

Final arrangements have been entrusted to Lewis & Wright Funeral Directors, 2500 Clarksville Pike, Nashville, Tennessee 37208, 615.255.2371.

Condolences for the Dudley Family may be sent:
Mrs. Bonita Dudley Scott
1611 Baptist World Center Drive
Nashville, TN 37207


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