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Wonder-working God

It was June 19, 2014. A year and a half of work was finally culminating as Madison Mission SDA Church, in partnership with Maranatha Volunteers, sent 23 members on its first international mission to the Dominican Republic. We were assigned the congregation of Vislumbres de Sión located in the agrarian town of El Dean in the province of Monte Plata. To be perfectly honest, though we had prepared, we really had no idea of what to expect as we left the quiet city of Madison, Alabama early that morning. Little did we know how drastically our lives would be forever changed for we never expected how miraculously God would show himself on this trip.

Our primary mission was to build a One Day Church for this blossoming congregation. In addition to the construction of the church we would run a VBS simultaneously in the afternoon, as well as host a free dental clinic the last weekend of our visit. A tall order for 23 ragtag, non- experienced volunteers. Add sanitary and hygienic issues and virus carrying mosquitos to this already ambitious undertaking and you get a better understanding of just how daunting the task was. But this would be the context within which we witnessed God’s marvelous wonderworking power to will and to do His good pleasure. God had prepared and set His own stage.

God favor was evident from the time we arrived. Roberto and Puro, the Maranatha foremen assigned to this project, were under impressed with us. Our group was the smallest missionary team on the island, with others doubling and tripling our size, while our project was the largest. We were inexperienced, none of us having ever laid a concrete block. We would have […]

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Greater Mobile Area Pastoral Fellowship

Greater Mobile Pastoral Fellowship’s Men’s Ministry Weekend, Men On A Mission, July 18-20

In 2010, Elder Marvin L. Allison Sr., pastor of New Beginnings and Gethsemane, South Central Conference (SCC), went to the Cody Road church in Mobile, Gulf States Conference (GSC), one afternoon to meet Elder Gary Tracy, the pastor at that time, with a dream; a dream that all the Mobile area churches, from both conferences, would cooperate together, as one church, in service for the Kingdom.  Pastor Tracy then shared that he was praying for a pastor from SCC, who would partner with his dream that the Mobile area churches, belonging to GSC and SCC, cooperate as one church, in service for the Kingdom.

This meeting resulted in the Greater Mobile Pastoral Fellowship (GMPF), where pastors come together in prayer. Soon after the church elders from 9 churches in both conferences, began to meet for prayer. After that prayer initiative the area churches began to come together for Wednesday night prayer meetings. This fellowship led to Elder Tracy sharing that GSC was planning an evangelistic effort with Dr. Mark Finley. The SCC pastors got on board and each SCC church received an appropriation for the conference and joined in cooperative working to the planning and implementation of this area wide evangelistic meeting, in February 2012. While working together, Seventh-day Adventists, from all walks of life, fanned out over the area, as far west as Gulfport MS, to as far north as Bay Minette AL, as far South as Gulf Shores, AL to as far east as Pensacola, FL. The spirit of cooperative unity was riding high.

However after that meeting was completed, the normal course of ministry began to affect the GMPF. Out of the […]

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Funeral Notice for Ms. Jaoyla Stokes


Friday, October 3, 2014
8:30 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.

Funeral Service:

Friday, October 3, 2014 10:30 A.M.
Bethal SDA Church
1443 Addison Road
Cleveland OH 44103

Condolences may be sent to:

Alice Stokes
4800 Country Lane Apt 416,
Warrensville OH 44132

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Impact Pentecost 50 Days of Fire

Let the Fire Fall
“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh…Joel 2:28.

At the end the end of last summer, I heard the Spirit of God speak to me about this year and He said He would begin to pour His Spirit out on our young people this summer. As we see the world settling in their rebellion against Jesus and the principles of God as expressed in the Bible, we can rest assure He wants to work through us a mighty work. Our students are away every year for ten week a total of 70 days. With 2 days off a week it amounts to 50 days of literature evangelism. This biblical number gives significance to the theme Impact Pentecost: 50 Days of Fire!

To read the full article, click the download button below.

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Generosity Symposium Beginning October 4th!

Click here to go to the Generosity Symposium page!

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Multicultural Department: Southern Union Evangelistic Caravana 2014

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News and Notes-Part II

Last time, we talked about reprising what I called “my former life, as the Youth Director.” I mentioned how much I loved being Youth Director; to be the Youth Director of the South Central Conference in those days might have been the best job in the Adventist Church.

We have a very gifted and dedicated Youth Director now-Elder Vandeon Griffin-and he loves being Youth Director-just as I did. But it is so much harder now-so many more distractions, so many more things to take young people (and older people’s) attention away from the things of God.  I had it much easier than he does. But working with people is still a wonderful job.  As I said, I loved it-I truly did.

Anyway, I shared with you last time that in my former life, I did a monthly newsletter and in it was a section called “News and Notes from Over.” In it, we talked about things that were happening around the conference and around the church. We said that in this one column, we wanted to do that once more.

Last time, we talked about two things: Camp Meeting and an initiative for 2015 from the conference office: An emphasis on the visiting the smaller churches to mid-sized churches in our conference:

Here is a tentative list of the smaller churches that I am planning to visit in 2015:


Athens Trinity
Birmingham International
New Market

Panama City

Louisville NL



Moss Point



East Cleveland
Nashville New Life
North Cheatham County
South Nashville


(Where two churches are listed together it means that I am planning to visit the district and shall ask the Pastor to suggest which of the two churches he would like for me to visit. I also plan to visit the following large churches: Huntsville Oakwood University, Memphis Breath […]

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Funeral Notice for Ms. May Bell Robinson Burden

Funeral Service

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
12:00 Noon
Bethany Seventh Day Adventist Church
722 Cedar Street Montgomery, AL, 36106
Condolences may be sent to:

Ms. Marilyn Watson
449 Red Oak Court
Montgomery, AL, 36117

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Sabbath School Produces Kingdom Builders

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News and Notes from All Over – I

I began my service in the conference office as the Director of Youth Ministries back in 1990.  Back in those days, I was one of the youngest people in the conference office-that is hard for me to imagine now.

When I came to the conference office, we were in the process of moving from the old building to the building where we are now. The old conference office was considerably smaller than the building the Lord has blessed us to have now.

Here is how small the old conference office was: In the few months I worked in that building before the new building was completed, not only did I not have my own office-I did not have my own desk. 

There was just enough room to accommodate the staff that they had prior to my being elected as Youth Director. But my predecessor in the Youth Department, Elder Joseph McCoy, also served as Conference Secretary, so when the constituency voted to divide his responsibilities, that meant adding another person to the staff.

But there was no office space to accommodate anyone else in the old building. Elder McCoy was kind enough to allow me to share his desk-he worked on one side of it and I worked on the other. It is interesting and amazing to look back and see how far the Lord has brought our conference.

While I was Youth Director, I began the practice of sending a monthly newsletter to the Pastors and the Youth Leaders of our conference. At the end of the newsletter, there was a section called “News and Notes from All Over”, where I shared various things that were going on around the conference and other places.

I want to reprise those days […]

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