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Lima Drive Members Say “NO” To Violence Against Women

On Sabbath, August 23, the Lima Drive SDA Church in Lexington, Kentucky joined the North American Division in observing End-It-Now Sabbath.  End-It-Now is a global campaign launched in 2009 by a partnership between the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and the Department of Women’s Ministries of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church where the 4th Sabbath of August has been dedicated as “Abuse Prevention Day”.  The mission of the End-It-Now campaign is for communities to raise awareness and advocate for the end of violence against women and girls locally and globally. Violence against women and girls impacts individuals from all walks of life – the poor and rich; young and old; Christians and non-Christians; all cultures – across all settings.

The End-It-Now websites notes that approximately one in three of the world’s women experience gender-related violence in her lifetime, with rates reaching 70 percent in some countries.  Abuse ranges from emotional and verbal abuse to sexual assault and murder.  Because of the high incidence and devastation of domestic violence and abuse the Lima Drive church has begun to mobilize its members and community to take a stand against violence towards women and girls.

The day began with a stirring message during the eleven o’clock worship service by Jonathan Smith (the Pastor of the Lima Drive church) based on the narrative found in Judges 19:22-30 where the great wickedness of the men of Gibeah who — as a result of a hospitable man sacrificing a concubine to protect his houseguest — violently beat, raped and killed the man’s concubine, and subsequently the anguished and distressed man divided her body into twelve pieces, sending them to each tribe of Israel, with the hope that such a (most likely common) atrocity […]

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South Central Conference Celebrates Multicultural Day

South Central Conference (SCC) celebrated its Annual Multicultural Day on August 9, 2014.  This day afforded another opportunity for SCC’s administrators and departmental directors to express their respect and appreciation for diversity.  Conference leaders visited Haitian, Latino, Korean and Portuguese churches to reiterate their love and support for the members.

Nettie Henderson, Disabilities Ministries Leader, and Bettye Moore-Reese arrived at the Mount Zion Iglesia  Adventiso  in Jasper, Alabama at 9:00 A.M.  It gave them time to mingle and to establish a deeper relationship with the Latino brothers and sisters. Henderson greeted the congregation and informed them that “Elder Edmond, our conference president, loves you; and he does not want to wait until we get to heaven to fellowship together”.  They smiled.

Immediately following worship service, Henderson, with the help of an interpreter, informed the congregation that South Central Conference sent backpacks with school supplies in them for the children.  Some parents took pictures and some helped the children to pose. Backpacks were also given to the church to use in their Latino community outreach.

Lillie Buckingham, Adventist Community Services Co-Director, visited the Spanish Church in Memphis, TN.  She said, “When my husband and I arrived at IASD Aliento de Vida Church in Memphis, Tennessee, we were greeted with smiles and warm hugs. During worship service, a young man served as our translator. Having a translator made us feel as though we were special and most of all it showed us how much they cared that we understood what was happening throughout the service. I brought greetings from the South Central Conference Administration as well as the Adventist Community Services Department. As I looked into the smiling faces of the congregation, it reminded me that we are Sons and […]

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Literature Evangelist Visit Gives Perspective on Ferguson

Long before Ferguson was the struggle, injustices, and lives that were sacrificed on the behalf of freedom that African Americans have faced for the past few centuries.  More recently, just over 50 years ago, our nation witnessed what I would deem a movement, somewhat prophetic. Yes—the Civil Rights Movement.  Literature Evangelist of South Central Conference of SDA visited the National Civil Rights Museum  in Memphis, TN while canvassing for the summer.  They visited the museum to honor the legacy of Dr. Martian Luther King and his message of non-violence as the only appropriate response to hatred, violence, bigotry, and racism.  The courage, determination, and commitment to face police brutality, systematic prejudice, and economic inequality gave insight to these students what it will take to stand in the final conflict between good and evil.  As Christians, this movement, shed light on how Jesus calls us to “love our neighbor as ourselves” and not to “render evil for evil.”  More importantly is Jesus call to forgiveness.  How do we remove the bitterness and resentment?  How do we get past the desire for revenge and retaliation?”  Our student literature evangelist concluded that the only way is to look to Jesus’ example.  Only the cross of Christ gives us that freedom to forgive like Jesus forgave.  Only the cross gives us the serenity to assume the best motives in others when their actions nailed us to our crosses we bare.  How do we understand the hatred in this world that seems to never go away but for a while, except we look to the cross.  It is at the cross where we experience the epitome of hatred, injustice, and the axis of evil.  But it is there where it […]

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Celebration of Life for Collin James “CJ” Harrigan


Friday, October 17, 2014, 5:00pm
9504 Springdale Rd,
Austin, TX 78754

Condolences may be sent to:

c/o Mr. & Mrs. Chad Harrigan
9504 Springdale Rd,
Austin, TX 78754

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News and Notes-III: Innovation and Organization

South Central has traditionally been a conference that has been on the cutting edge, as it relates to innovative ways to do ministry. Perhaps a lot of that has had to do with the kind of innovative people my predecessors in this office were.

I think of the late Elder C.E. Dudley, whose served this conference as president for 31 years, a period of time that allowed him to be the person that hired each of his three successors as young pastoral interns.

Elder Dudley was sort of the Thomas Edison of Conference Presidents. The Holy Spirit inspired him to “invent” things that were copied across the denomination. One legendary story (which was probably true) was the story of a president of another conference who so admired Elder Dudley’s work that at this conference president’s pastor’s meeting, he simply copied material wholesale from Elder Dudley’s pastor’s meeting and distributed to his pastors-he just put his conference’s name on it.

Elder Dudley came up with innovations such as the Infiltration Plan. He also birthed the Supplemental Retirement Plan, which provided employees with additional monies to supplement the rather meager retirement they received.

Elder Dudley was succeeded by Elder Joseph McCoy, another innovative leader. Elder McCoy originated the Regional Conference Plan, which more than doubled (in fact, almost tripled) the maximum amount that workers would get upon retiring.

To do that, on some level required Elder McCoy taking on the denomination. I had just become conference secretary and I remember discussing with Elder McCoy, as the final plans for this new retirement plan were being made, the fact that we both knew that his stand in creating a separate retirement from the denomination would forever close some doors to him, in terms […]

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South Central Goes to Oshkosh

Click Here To Read Article: South Central Goes To Oshkosh
International Camporee

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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Couples Retreat

Central Mississippi Family Ministries Council and the South Central Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Family Ministries Department teamed to sponsor a weekend retreat for married couples at Lake Tiak-O’khata, Louisville, Mississippi.  More than 31 couples attended the retreat, and the length of their marriages ranged from eight days to 45 years.  A special highlight for the weekend was Dr. Ron Smith’s keynote.  Also, he and his wife conducted a special session for pastors and their spouses.

Realizing that a church’s health is a function of the marriages and homes, which comprise the church, Central Mississippi Family Ministries Council was formed February 2014 to collectively engaged Adventist churches in Central Mississippi to bolster marriages.  Under the leadership of Mrs. Belinda Jenkins and Mrs. Mae Henry, the Council began sponsoring “date night” and laying plans for a couples retreat.  Drs. Trevor and Edith Fraser, and Anita Pembleton consented to be the workshop presenters.  And, Dr. Melvin (South Central Conference Family Ministries Department Director) and his wife, Dr. Sheila Davis helped facilitate implementation.

On the last day, a team of pastors and their spouses led the couples into a season of prayer and commitment to vows.

God’s presence at this retreat was undeniable!  In the midst of having lots of fun and eating good food, lives were changed, tears were shed, testimonies were powerful, and couples left with a renewed commitment to permit God to display through their marriage what He can do for fallen humanity.  After experiencing the Holy Spirit’s work at this retreat, one has to agree that this retreat is a good strategy for enhancing the church’s spiritual and social health.

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Wonder-working God

It was June 19, 2014. A year and a half of work was finally culminating as Madison Mission SDA Church, in partnership with Maranatha Volunteers, sent 23 members on its first international mission to the Dominican Republic. We were assigned the congregation of Vislumbres de Sión located in the agrarian town of El Dean in the province of Monte Plata. To be perfectly honest, though we had prepared, we really had no idea of what to expect as we left the quiet city of Madison, Alabama early that morning. Little did we know how drastically our lives would be forever changed for we never expected how miraculously God would show himself on this trip.

Our primary mission was to build a One Day Church for this blossoming congregation. In addition to the construction of the church we would run a VBS simultaneously in the afternoon, as well as host a free dental clinic the last weekend of our visit. A tall order for 23 ragtag, non- experienced volunteers. Add sanitary and hygienic issues and virus carrying mosquitos to this already ambitious undertaking and you get a better understanding of just how daunting the task was. But this would be the context within which we witnessed God’s marvelous wonderworking power to will and to do His good pleasure. God had prepared and set His own stage.

God favor was evident from the time we arrived. Roberto and Puro, the Maranatha foremen assigned to this project, were under impressed with us. Our group was the smallest missionary team on the island, with others doubling and tripling our size, while our project was the largest. We were inexperienced, none of us having ever laid a concrete block. We would have […]

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Greater Mobile Area Pastoral Fellowship

Greater Mobile Pastoral Fellowship’s Men’s Ministry Weekend, Men On A Mission, July 18-20

In 2010, Elder Marvin L. Allison Sr., pastor of New Beginnings and Gethsemane, South Central Conference (SCC), went to the Cody Road church in Mobile, Gulf States Conference (GSC), one afternoon to meet Elder Gary Tracy, the pastor at that time, with a dream; a dream that all the Mobile area churches, from both conferences, would cooperate together, as one church, in service for the Kingdom.  Pastor Tracy then shared that he was praying for a pastor from SCC, who would partner with his dream that the Mobile area churches, belonging to GSC and SCC, cooperate as one church, in service for the Kingdom.

This meeting resulted in the Greater Mobile Pastoral Fellowship (GMPF), where pastors come together in prayer. Soon after the church elders from 9 churches in both conferences, began to meet for prayer. After that prayer initiative the area churches began to come together for Wednesday night prayer meetings. This fellowship led to Elder Tracy sharing that GSC was planning an evangelistic effort with Dr. Mark Finley. The SCC pastors got on board and each SCC church received an appropriation for the conference and joined in cooperative working to the planning and implementation of this area wide evangelistic meeting, in February 2012. While working together, Seventh-day Adventists, from all walks of life, fanned out over the area, as far west as Gulfport MS, to as far north as Bay Minette AL, as far South as Gulf Shores, AL to as far east as Pensacola, FL. The spirit of cooperative unity was riding high.

However after that meeting was completed, the normal course of ministry began to affect the GMPF. Out of the […]

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Funeral Notice for Ms. Jaoyla Stokes


Friday, October 3, 2014
8:30 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.

Funeral Service:

Friday, October 3, 2014 10:30 A.M.
Bethal SDA Church
1443 Addison Road
Cleveland OH 44103

Condolences may be sent to:

Alice Stokes
4800 Country Lane Apt 416,
Warrensville OH 44132

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