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South Central Conference Responds to Disasters in Louisville and Tupelo, Mississippi

It had been 4 years since a tornado hit the State of Mississippi. Yet again, a tornado ripped through the cities of Louisville and Tupelo, Mississippi on April 28, 2014. There were 23 counties with at least 1,201 homes destroyed or sustained major damage with a total of more than 2,459 homes affected and preliminary assessments show at least 87 businesses were destroyed or sustained major damage. Total death confirmed is 14.
On Friday, May 2, warehouse specialists, Jane Hood and Wayne Blanding with their ACS Disaster Response team, arrived in Louisville and Tupelo to help with the coordination of donated goods. Suzette, a local resident of Tupelo affected by the tornado, said “We really appreciates you all coming here and was glad we had come. Everyone treated us very well.”
As many as 300+ volunteers from various organizations and civic groups along with local ACS volunteers have donated their time in the warehouses.

Warehouse/Distribution Centers Location:
Louisville Coliseum
201 Ivy
Louisville, MS 39339
On Site Manager: Wayne Blanding
Phone: 205-903-5550
Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. daily

Hunter-Sadler Building
1031 South Green Street
Tupelo, MS 38804
On Site Manager: Jane Hood
Phone: 205-903-4273
Hour of Operation: 8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

Barbara R. Barnes & Lillie M. Buckingham, Co-Directors
Adventist Community Services
South Central Conference of SDA


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Funeral Notice of Mr. Leroy Goodloe

Public Viewing
Friday, May 16, 2014
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Royal Mason Funeral Home
718 Brownsferry St.
Athens, AL 35611

Funeral Service
Saturday, May 17, 2014
2:00 pm
Round Island Creek M.B. Center
13829 Lucas Ferry Rd.
Athens, AL 35611

Please send condolences to the funeral home.

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Thank God For A Good Year-Part II

If you are just “tuning in,” it may seem a bit strange to be reviewing 2013, when nearly six months of 2014 have already passed. But we shared with you that in our last Executive Committee meeting-which was a few weeks ago-a part of what we did was to review the final financial numbers for 2013.  Additionally, since that is the first of the quarterly meetings of the Executive Committee for the year, we also shared our goals for the conference for 2014. This series is about some of what was shared with the Executive Committee.

Last time, we shared with you the goals that we shared with the Executive Committee for 2013. These goals were shared at our first meeting in 2013. At each subsequent meeting and at our monthly office staff meetings, we share the progress that the Lord has given us towards those goals.

Here are those 2013 goals (a line drawn through indicates that the Lord helped us to reach said goals):

1,000 Baptisms
4% Tithe Gain
Operations Gain
Discover Retention’s Percentage
Pastoral Evaluations
Continue reduction of percentage of budget going to salary/expenses without layoffs
Complete Oakwood Academy Building Project
Adequately house E. E. Rogers School in Jackson, Mississippi
Sell Camp Ground
Increase Church School Enrollment

Last time, we shared a brief summary of the first four goals, with the exception of the one goal that we did not reach-a tithe gain of 4%. We shall address that in our final article in this series.

Here is a brief summary of Goals 6-10:

Goal 6: Continued Reduction of the Percentage of the Budget That Goes to Salary and Benefits, Without Laying Anyone Off! At least some of you have heard me say this many times:

Relative to our needs, we do not have enough workers!

If […]

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F.H. Jenkins Students Present Week of Prayer At SCC Office

The office staff at the South Central Conference was recently blessed by another Week of Prayer-the second in the past month. A few weeks earlier, several of the local Pastors came to the conference office to share out of the Word of God.

The local Pastors were used by God to deliver four powerful messages built around the theme for the conference for 2014-GOTTA tell SOMEBODY.  This time, the blessings came from across the street, from the students of F.H. Jenkins.

Each morning, during the office staff worship, the young people of F.H. Jenkins came and shared their Student Week of Prayer with the staff. The students were responsible for virtually the entire worship service-even the videotaping of the services was done by a student.

F.H. Jenkins students Nadia Harden, Karly Kibble, Courtni Hewlett, and Brandon Lake-King, from the theme “ The Fruit of the Spirit”. The staff was appreciative of and blessed by what the students shared on a daily basis.

At the end of the student Week of Prayer, the Conference President, Elder D.C. Edmond, thanked Principal Brian Watts, the F.H. Jenkins staff and students, for coming and sharing their Week of Prayer with the office staff. He asked the students to please remember the South Central Conference in their daily class worship and also asked them if they would please return next year to bring another student Week of Prayer to the office staff.

Below are some of the pictures

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Email setup on Android and iOS Mobile Devices

The following article will get your Rackspace email account setup on your iPhone using an IMAP connection. An IMAP connection allows you to access and manage your email directly from Rackspace servers. Any changes made on your device will be replicated on the server. Let’s take a look at how to set this up:
iPhone/iPad Set Up

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Thank the Lord for A Good Year – Part I

At our April 13, 2014 Executive Committee meeting, we examined the final financial numbers for the year, 2013. With the receipt of that information, we were able to close the book on 2013 and do a final comparison of the goals that we set for our conference last year and the progress that the Lord blessed to make towards accomplishing those goals.

Below are the goals that we shared with the Executive Committee one year ago. The ones with lines drawn through them are the ones that the Lord enabled us to reach last year:

1,000 Baptisms
4% Tithe Gain
Operations Gain
Discover Retention’s Percentage
Pastoral Evaluations
Continue reduction of percentage of budget going to salary/expenses without layoffs
Complete Oakwood Academy Building Project
Adequately house E. E. Rogers School in Jackson, Mississippi
Sell Camp Ground
Increase Church School Enrollment

As you can see, thanks to our workers, our people and our God, every goal was reached except for one.

Here is a brief summary of each goal:

(1)  1,000 Baptisms: For the fourth year in a row, the Lord blessed us to go over the 1,000 mark in baptisms. The Lord gave us 1,139 baptisms.

As far back as we could check, there had not been a time in South Central where we had baptized over 1,000 individuals for three consecutive years-the Lord has blessed our conference to do that for four consecutive years. Here are the churches and Pastors whom God used to lead the way:

Dr. Carlton Byrd/Elders Julius/Williams/Wilson, Oakwood University-120
Elder Debleaire Snell/ Elders Hill/Greene, Huntsville First-92
Elder James Owens, Memphis Longview-87
Elder Harold Goodloe, Mobile Emmanuel-77
Elder Willie Black, Nashville New Life-63
Pastor Shawn Moss, Memphis Bethany-42
Elder Fred Batten, Memphis Word of Life-39
Pastor Michael Lewis, Selma/Thomasville-32
Elder Kennedy Luckett, Louisville Magazine Street-28 & Elder Dorian Melo, Multicultural Director/Crossville/Boaz/Gadsen/Oakwood Spanish-28
Elder W.C. Scales, Bessemer/Eutaw/Brent-27

In […]

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Recent Actions Made by the Executive Committee

A. Accepting Retirement Via Accelerated Retirement:

Elder R.P. Broussard

Elder A. Maycock

Elder R.L. Patterson

Elder S. Simms

Dr. Craig Newborn


B. Pastoral Reassignments:

Elder Darron George, Vicksburg/Port Gibson, MS to Birmingham Hillsview

Elder Roscoe Shields, Jr., Columbus/W Point, MS to Vicksburg/Port Gibson

Elder Marshall Johnson, Jackson Berean, to Columbus/West Point

Elder James Owens, Memphis Longview, to Jackson Berean

Elder Alex Horton, Birmingham Ephesus, to Memphis Longview

Elder Benjamin Jones, Ministerial, to Birmingham Ephesus (as Interim Pastor)


Moves Affecting Part-time/ District Lay Associate Pastors (DLAP’s):

Elder Melvin Warfield to Gallatin (he was formerly the Interim Pastor)

Pastor Edward Williams to North Cheatham County

Pastor Thiea Brown to work with Selma/Thomasville, Alabama


Moves Effective January 1, 2015

The resignation of Elder Chester Readus, Moss Point/Beaumont, MS

Elder Alexander Lampkin, Knoxville College Hill, to Florence/Courtland, AL

Elder Cleveland Hobdy, Assoc Chattanooga Orchard Park, to Knoxville College Hill


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2014 PRAYER SUMMIT – Righteousness by Faith

March 7-9, 2014

Prayer Ministry experience and spiritual uplift attitude are alive and doing well in SCC 50. So, excitement filled the air as we checked in. The environs of Shocca Springs, Talledega provided the quietude of a ready retreat for the 250 plus people seeking a respite. The charming little paradise of prayer was the center of attraction on Friday, March 7, and all roads led to this place where Pastor Metard Solamon, Pastor of Moncon English and French SDA Churches in Canada would speak.   Elder Roy Rugless, South Central Conference Prayer Director poured his effort into creating “A Prayer Summit to be remembered,” and President Dana Edmond gave full support to this venture. As that Friday faded into sunset and heaven touched earth with rest, voices of a praise team who led the congregation in lifting praises to God as all sang lustily, as if one voice.

God is our Rock, Hope of Salvation, A strong Deliverer In Him will I always trust…

The opening song was the theme song:   … I humble myself and I begin to worship…for what He’s done for me…redeemed and set me free…and because , just because He’s God … the victory He’s won. The opening prayer implore… “blessing on this encampment, may thy glory fill this house” so that a revival can be made.  

The facilitator, Metard Solamon, introduced his subject, Powerful Good News with the thought that, “You are here for a reason! Nothing is impossible with God, and the Holy Spirit can empower our lives.” The Holy Spirit is to influence every aspect of our lives so that we will keep on being filled. Be filled with His Holy Spirit. “Though at times things may seem out […]

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Intersections in the Lives of Children

Check this link out from Adventist Risk Management on Intersecting in the Lives of Children

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Daddyz-Girlz Event Deadline is May 15!

Oakwood University

Camp Meeting, June 14 at 8 pm

7000 Adventist Blvd, Huntsville, AL 35896


For more information contact:

Elder Shirley Scott: 256 683 6145

Pastor Vandeon Griffin: 615 337 5249

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