Bethany S.D.A. Church’s Community Services in Montgomery, AL was happy to host the Phone-Faith Ministry for the Blind on Sunday, December 1, 2013.  Pastor Jeffery Watson gave a warm welcome from Bethany Church.  Nettie Henderson, Disability Coordinator for South Central Conference joined with Community Services Director Rose Claibon in extending the usual Bethany hospitality. Serving as hostesses, were Jeraldine Bowie, Everlene Hayes and Bettye Ward.  Deacons J.D. Chaffin and James Shipman were on hand to see that the fellowship hall was in order, where the event was held.

Doctor Dexter Thomas, Barbara Manuel, and other ministry leaders led out in the activities of the afternoon — songs, awards, gifts and games.  It was very inspiring to see those who were blind and visually impaired rejoicing over the hope and joy that had come into their lives by being able to join with others on the telephone across the country—to pray, praise and witness to God’s goodness.

The prayer line was organized by Dr. Dexter Thomas, and is opened, especially to all who are blind.  Each day the line offers the opportunity for fellowship and spiritual growth. Once a year they meet together for a banquet and celebration. This year, upon learning that they were seeking a location in Montgomery for the event, Bethany consented to serve as host. There were approximately twenty to twenty-five participants in fellowship hall from around the area. From 10:30 to      4 o’clock P.M. the banquet was well organized and filled with chatting, laughing and fun. They ended with prayer, and everyone went back home encouraged and glad to have met with their friends from the Phone-Faith Ministry for the Blind.   Community Services was happy and blessed in hosting this group at Bethany.

Rose M. Claibon, Community Services Director