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“Biggest Loser” Brings Baptism!

//“Biggest Loser” Brings Baptism!

“Biggest Loser” Brings Baptism!

Biggest Loser: “Hi, I’m Rebecca and I heard that your church is having a Biggest Loser program. I’m in Scale Back Alabama (weight loss program) and I would like to join your group to get some information to help motivate my team to lose weight.” Since we were already in our third week, I just allowed her to come and watch. She was grateful and mention that, “When you see me you will know who I am.” Then she said, “I’ll will have on ruby red lipstick, big earrings, necklaces around my neck, rings on every finger and a big afro”. I said, “Bring it on!  Rebecca showed up next week and was truly blessed by all the health principles she had learned. At the conclusion of the Biggest Loser, she attended the awards celebration during Sabbath service.

Bible Study: On day I mentioned that our senior pastor Debleaire Snell is conducting a wonderful bible study series each Wednesday night and I invited her to attend. She accepted and started attending every week, being amazed at all the new truths she was hearing. We gradually introduced her to several church members and the pastoral staff. After attending several weeks, she ran into her pastor. He said to her, “Rebecca, we haven’t seen you in quite a while, where have you been.” Her reply was, I’ve been attending the First Seventh-day Adventist bible study on Wednesday, and I won’t be back unless you start preaching the truths I’ve been hearing at that church.”

Building Friendships: Rebecca had “tons” of questions concerning Seventh-day Adventist and we would always answer just those questions. We began inviting her over for dinner on several occasions and she really enjoyed the healthier entrees and meatless alternatives! Moreover, we would visit her home often and supply assistance for some of her needs. Through maintaining constant contact via phone calls and visitation our friendship began to build.

Baptism Sabbath: “Rebecca, since you’re no longer attending your church on Sunday, you might as well start worshiping with us on Sabbath”, I said to her one day. Finally she started coming and continued to mature spiritually with each passing week! Then, she said, “I want to be baptized and be a part of this church.” After attending bible study class with our associate pastor Alfred Hill, the date was set. On Sabbath, September 21, 2013 Rebecca Bradshaw was the first person to be baptize at the First Church new location!

In closing, Rebecca is a very happy active member, willingly to participate in a host of activities as a volunteer and is a member of the Inspirational Choir. Just last week she gave a brief testimony. Striving to hold back the tears, she said, “I feel so blessed and, I consider this church as my new family. I have more joy and feel happier now than ever before.” To God be the Glory!


Submitted by Paula Eakins

Health Ministry Director,

First SDA Church, Huntsville, AL


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