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Recent Executive Committee Actions

Pastoral Reassignments 1) To New Life - Louisville, KY................................................................Pastor Jacques Francois (From New Life - Fultondale, AL/Mt. Zion - Talladega, AL District) 2) To New Life - Fultondale, AL/Mt. Zion - Talladega, AL District............Pastor Micah Weech (From New Hope - Mobile, AL/Maranatha - Gulfport, MS District) 3) To New Hope - Mobile, AL/Maranatha - Gulfport, MS District.............Pastor Philip Johny (From South Jackson-Jackson, MS/Canton - Canton, MS District) 4) To South Jackson - Jackson, MS/Canton - Canton, MS District...........Pastor Billie Thompson (From Lintonia Chapel - Yazoo City, MS/Rising Star - Rolling Fork, MS District) 5) To Maranatha - Montgomery, AL.........................................................Pastor Clifton McMillan (From First Fairfield, AL/First Adamsville, AL District) 6) To First Fairfield, AL/First Adamsville, AL District.................................Pastor Samuel Jeudin (From Soso - Soso, MS/Macedonia - Laurel, MS) 7) To Orchard Park - Chattanooga, TN......................................................Pastor Troy Brand (From Alpha - Decatur, AL) 8) To Alpha - Decatur, AL/Remain at Madison - Triana, AL [Re-District].......Pastor Larry Bailey (From Mount Zion - Scottsboro, AL/Madison - Triana, AL District) 9) Lintonia Chapel - Yazoo City, MS/Rising Star - Rolling Fork, MS District..........TBD 10) Soso - Soso, MS/Macedonia - Laurel, MS District.............................................TBD 11) Mount Zion - Scottsboro, AL ..............................................................................TBD

Recent Executive Committee Actions

1. Treasury Update: Mrs. Sonja Crayton has been voted to serve as South Central’s newest Treasurer and Administrative Officer. Sonja holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a B.S. degree in Accounting from Oakwood University. She has served the South Central Conference for over 20 years as Business Intern, ABC Manager, Senior Accountant, Assistant Treasurer/Auditor/Controller, Associate Treasurer, and now serves as Interim Under Treasurer. Her primary responsibilities include: • Accounting and Financial Statements • Budget Management • Church Auditing • Plant Fund Management • Housing • Supplemental Retirement Accounting Sonja is married to Maurice and they have two children (a 15 and a 12 year old). She loves the Lord and enjoys traveling, bowling and resting. Mrs. Crayton is very dedicated to her husband and children, and works hard to keep up with all of the family activities and appointments. Sonja’s favorite saying is "Honor God Where You Are." 2. Pastoral Assignments: Cleveland/Indianola, MS District - Pastor John Brooks Florence/Courtland, AL District - Pastor Donell Morgan Associate, Hillcrest, Nashville, TN - Pastor Dana Edmond

10th Annual Prayer Summit

"10 Years and Counting" The Deeper Life, is the theme for South Central's Annual Prayer Summit. This year we celebrate 10 years of God's leading and blessings. On Friday evening we were reminded why we have these annual prayer summits; "For what He's done for me, redeemed and set me free. Just because He's God." Sister Mineola Dozier-Smith. A 95 year prayer warrior who has not missed a single prayer conference. Why we pray and praise in this conference is simple; when we remember what He's done for each of us individually, and for our conference, we cannot help but come together in celebration of His goodness. Sister Jackson, introduced a new initiative from the NAD. HOPE HEALS. (Houses Of Prayer Everywhere) Collin Hone, who is an assistant to the Holy Spirit warrior Dennis Smith, has quite judiciously presented the avenues needed to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Hone spoke on The Baptism of The Holy Spirit, Righteousness by Faith and the Outpouring. These messages electrified the worshipers with relevant and relational content. On Sabbath morning, the Spirit moved Elder Rugless to pray for the children and young adults. This impression led to many crying out for their children and for the children of the church. Sister Donna Jackson, First Lady of the North American Division, gives greetings to the attendees and acknowledgments from NAD to the leadership of Elder Rugless. For Divine worship Elder Roy Rugless, SCC Prayer Ministry Director, preached on the Deeper Life. Sabbath: Watch a clip here on Social Media App Periscope Friday Night: Watch it here on social media app Periscope  

E.E. Rogers Celebrates Christian Education Day

On Sabbath, November 7, the rainy weather did not deter students, teachers, parents and members of the constituent congregations of the E.E. Rogers SDA School in Jackson, MS, from gathering to celebrate Adventist Education.  Pastors P. Johny of the South Jackson SDA Church, James Owens of the Berean SDA Church and J. Parker of the New Life Church led a spirited discussion of the Sabbath School lesson. As the crowd continued to grow, additional chairs had to be brought from the classrooms to accommodate everyone. Music was provided by a constituent choir, which included students and adults from the various churches, and the congregation was uplifted by an inspirational performance from the E.E. Rogers Sign Language Ministry.  SCC President, Dana Edmond, introduced the Divine Worship Service speaker – Dr. Ron Smith, Southern Union President.  Elder Danny Chandler, a strong supporter of Adventist Education, shared how he began working nearly two years ago, to get this event on the union president’s busy schedule.  Principal Youlander Clarke and school board chair Mae Henry each expressed appreciation for the faithful support the school receives from its constituent churches. As the congregation was comfortably accommodated in the spacious gymnasium for the worship service and in the large multi-purpose room for the delicious dinner meal, we could not help but reflect on how God has blessed E.E. Rogers to be housed in such a wonderful facility!  Although E.E. Rogers is a small school (currently 26 students), they have big plans for the future. Principal Clarke (Grades 1-4) and Mrs. Patricia Thompson (Grades 5-8) look forward to welcoming many more students as they continue on their “Journey to Excellence” in Adventist Education.

The Ebenezer Church declares, “We shall live and NOT die!”

The week was filled with activity as nightly services began on that Sunday and ran through the following Sabbath. Pastors Harold Goodloe and Prentice Sorrells preached Spirit-breathed messages echoing the theme, “Moss Point Shall Live and Not Die”.  Church members were inspired as they were reminded that Jesus has a specific desire to see those in Moss Point abundantly blessed and filled with His power. The community was blessed, yet again, on Thursday when the Ebenezer Church held the Grand opening of it’s own food pantry. The community turned-out in great numbers and were richly rewarded with bags of groceries that contained nutritious food and household items. The weekend ended with an amazing worship service led by David Jones, pastor, and members of the McComb-Brookhaven-Hazlehurst District where Jones previously served. The morning’s guest speaker was Lola Moore, Conference Young Adult Ministries Director. Moore shared ministry through preached word and song, that morning followed by an afternoon concert. Jones made such an amazing introduction of himself and the congregation to their surrounding community that it is certain partnerships between the church and the local community will follow. Evident in every event and interaction was God’s blessing and confirmation of the declaration; “Moss Point Shall Live and Not Die”” The Ebenezer Church would welcome assistance in stocking its food pantry. If you feel led to contribute to this ministry, you can reach the Church at 601.594.6232.

History of the Gospel Medical Missionary Movement of Greater Huntsville

The Seventh-day Adventist Gospel Medical Missionary Movement of Greater Huntsville (SDAGMMM) has been active since 2005. It began in 2003 when Wildwood Health Evangelism School graduate Jim Ayodo, accompanied by Wildwood Lifestyle Hospital MD’s. Ervin Davis and Scott Grivas, started training classes at the New Life SDA Church in Huntsville when Harold Goodloe was the senior pastor. Graduates of that class coalesced to form the nucleus of what is now the SDA Gospel Medical Missionary Movement of Greater Huntsville. SDAGMMM consists of health ministry leaders, health professionals, lay pastors, ordained elders, and others who desire to see the Lord’s closing work done and to hasten His return. The group’s main goal is to advance the cause of gospel medical missionary work in cooperation with duly ordained gospel ministers, in accordance with the prophetic writings of Ellen White (see, for example, Counsels on Health, pp. 557,558). In this spirit of cooperation, the SDAGMMM has, in cooperation with Oakwood, Southern, and Andrews Universities, co-sponsored medical missionary conventions at each of these schools. In the same spirit of cooperation, we want to revive this important and oft-neglected work. We would like to see the youth, the older members, the ministers, in fact every member to embrace this work, according to the Spirit of Prophecy (Testimonies, Volume 7, p. 62). SDAGMMM has trained medical missionaries in America and Africa.  In 2012, we conducted a training course at the Mount Calvary Seventh-day Adventist Church in Huntsville under the leadership of Senior Pastor Marcel Wip and Health Ministries Leader Joy Cavins. To advance our educational mandate, we have trained interested students in gospel medical missionary work, what the North American Division Health Ministries now calls Comprehensive Health Ministry. We wanted students [...]

Women’s Ministries and Disabilities’ Ministries Day Combined

First New Life SDA Church, Fayette, MS under the progressive leadership of Pastor Bryant Herbert celebrated Women’s Ministries and Disabilities Ministries’ Emphasis Day at the same time on Sabbath, July 25, 2015. The program was arranged by DeEtter Edwards who is the passionate coordinator of both ministries.  She printed program booklets for the day that were very educational in that they highlighted the seven major disabilities groups with descriptions, four things one should know about people with disabilities, tips for disability etiquette, and a disabilities litany that teaches that everybody belongs and everybody serves. A poem was read by a young adult that highlighted the love parents have for children who are developmentally disabled.   Program participants included ladies from all age groups who demonstrated that they were acquainted with the Holy Spirit.  The music was soul-stirring with solos by Chasity Coleman and Louetta Day. Nettie Henderson, Director of Disabilities Ministries, South Central Conference was the keynote speaker.   She was introduced by Cynthia Hill.   The message was entitled, “The Strength of the Weaker Vessel”.  The Bible text was found in Proverb 31:27-29, 31, and I Peter 3:7, which reads, “Strength and honor are her clothing, and she shall rejoice in time to come.  She opens her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue is the law of kindness.  Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates” and “ likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers be not hindered.”  Henderson said, “People with disabilities and women are considered the weaker vessels of [...]