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Sabbath School Produces Kingdom Builders

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The first of its kind!

The Family Life Department of the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist church has developed a Certification Training Program for the Men’s Ministries leaders in the local church. The South Central Conference Men’s Ministries department facilitated the first Certification Training for its leaders, May 30 – June 1, 2014, at Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama. Pastor Melvin Preston, Family Life Director for the South Atlantic Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, conducted the training. Pastor Benjamin Jones, Ministerial Director for the South Central Conference and Dr. Trevor Fraser of Oakwood University, assisted him.

The attendees had to complete 10 modules of instruction that dealt with different areas of Men’s Ministries. It was an intensive curriculum, which started Friday evening and ended Sunday morning. In addition to the weekend instruction, each attendee has to participate in an independent learning track of 2 ½ hours, which entails reading books and DVD/Video viewing. After they have completed all of the requirements they will receive the Basic Adventist Men’s Certification. They will be equipped to do an advanced work within their churches. In addition, some of the graduates will be utilized as Conference trainers for other leaders in the different geographical areas of this Conference.

We are excited about the future of Men’s Ministries in South Central. We are now getting ready to go to the next level of preparing our men for Kingdom building.

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Sharing God by Serving Others

It is God himself who has made us what we are and given us new lives from Christ Jesus; and long ages ago he planned that we should spend these lives in helping others. – Ephesians 2:10 Living Bible (TLB)
We never really understand the beauty of a desert, the pain of poverty or the joy of service until we’ve made the journey to see, smell and experience them.

Now we have.

We, the South Central Conference Mission Team, spent three and one half days at the Holbrook Indian School in Holbrook, Arizona.

Our team – comprised of 23 eighth grade students and 14 adults from 7 of the 10 schools in the South Central Conference – prepared a garden area for planting, dug trenches for drain pipes, cleared wind strewn debris, assisted in cafeteria duty, engaged in rigorous games of basketball with the athletic Native American boys, enjoyed a tea party with beautiful  Native American girls, and made memories that will last a lifetime.

This is our team’s second mission experience at Holbrook Indian School and the previous trip inspired our students to be more conscious of the advantages they are blessed with, including caring families. Their interaction with the Navaho students caused them to have a deeper respect for those of different cultures. They visited the classrooms and noted that Indian students learn the same way American students do. They study from the same textbooks and write the same prompts.

This year our students have enjoyed the new found friendships, the chance to be in nature, and the benefits of manual labor.

The provocative presentations each evening during the “Jesus Loves Pajamas” meetings have given the students a deeper sense of God’s love for them and the need to let others know of […]

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Recent Actions Made by the Executive Committee

A. Accepting Retirement Via Accelerated Retirement:

Elder R.P. Broussard

Elder A. Maycock

Elder R.L. Patterson

Elder S. Simms

Dr. Craig Newborn


B. Pastoral Reassignments:

Elder Darron George, Vicksburg/Port Gibson, MS to Birmingham Hillsview

Elder Roscoe Shields, Jr., Columbus/W Point, MS to Vicksburg/Port Gibson

Elder Marshall Johnson, Jackson Berean, to Columbus/West Point

Elder James Owens, Memphis Longview, to Jackson Berean

Elder Alex Horton, Birmingham Ephesus, to Memphis Longview

Elder Benjamin Jones, Ministerial, to Birmingham Ephesus (as Interim Pastor)


Moves Affecting Part-time/ District Lay Associate Pastors (DLAP’s):

Elder Melvin Warfield to Gallatin (he was formerly the Interim Pastor)

Pastor Edward Williams to North Cheatham County

Pastor Thiea Brown to work with Selma/Thomasville, Alabama


Moves Effective January 1, 2015

The resignation of Elder Chester Readus, Moss Point/Beaumont, MS

Elder Alexander Lampkin, Knoxville College Hill, to Florence/Courtland, AL

Elder Cleveland Hobdy, Assoc Chattanooga Orchard Park, to Knoxville College Hill


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2014 PRAYER SUMMIT – Righteousness by Faith

March 7-9, 2014

Prayer Ministry experience and spiritual uplift attitude are alive and doing well in SCC 50. So, excitement filled the air as we checked in. The environs of Shocca Springs, Talledega provided the quietude of a ready retreat for the 250 plus people seeking a respite. The charming little paradise of prayer was the center of attraction on Friday, March 7, and all roads led to this place where Pastor Metard Solamon, Pastor of Moncon English and French SDA Churches in Canada would speak.   Elder Roy Rugless, South Central Conference Prayer Director poured his effort into creating “A Prayer Summit to be remembered,” and President Dana Edmond gave full support to this venture. As that Friday faded into sunset and heaven touched earth with rest, voices of a praise team who led the congregation in lifting praises to God as all sang lustily, as if one voice.

God is our Rock, Hope of Salvation, A strong Deliverer In Him will I always trust…

The opening song was the theme song:   … I humble myself and I begin to worship…for what He’s done for me…redeemed and set me free…and because , just because He’s God … the victory He’s won. The opening prayer implore… “blessing on this encampment, may thy glory fill this house” so that a revival can be made.  

The facilitator, Metard Solamon, introduced his subject, Powerful Good News with the thought that, “You are here for a reason! Nothing is impossible with God, and the Holy Spirit can empower our lives.” The Holy Spirit is to influence every aspect of our lives so that we will keep on being filled. Be filled with His Holy Spirit. “Though at times things may seem out of […]

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Intersections in the Lives of Children

Check this link out from Adventist Risk Management on Intersecting in the Lives of Children

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Super Youth Day

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South Central Prayer Ministries Organizes Collaborative Prayer Conference

Read about the collaboration our Prayer Ministry team experienced with JAMU in the Central Jamaica Conference: http://www.centralja.org/node/1057

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Memorandum from the President Re Constituency Meeting

To: To the Constituents and Workers of the South Central Conference

From: Elder D.C. Edmond

Re: Church Officers Convention/Constituents

My Sisters and Brothers in Jesus Christ:

As you know, we met in Birmingham this past weekend for the purpose of having Church Officers Convention and a mid-term Constituency Meeting. Said constituency meeting was mandated by the delegates at our last constituency meeting in2011 and was to have addressed recommendations from the Constitution and Bylaws Committee. These recommendations came out of issues raised by the constituents at our last meeting.

The Lord blessed our Church Officers Convention. Nearly 2,000 church officers were blessed by the seminars and the worship services.

Subsequent to our Church Officers Convention, there was to have been a Constituency Meeting. However, as most of you are aware, we were not able to have said meeting, due to not having enough delegates to have a quorum.

Though this was certainly not the desired outcome, I always believe that God can bring some good out of virtually any situation.

When things go differently than they might desire, I frequently will ask a Pastor, “What did you learn from this particular situation?’ In this world, it is not possible to prevent things from turning out differently than one might desire, but it is always possible to derive something positive by learning something from the experience that will help one to do better the next time.

Over the next several weeks, here are some of the questions that we shall be asking:

Was the cost of being a delegate a factor in our not getting enough delegates? If you were a delegate and your spouse came with you and you spent two nights in the delegate hotel, by the time you paid for gasoline, parking and food, depending on where you […]

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SCC Mid-Term Constituency Reports

Below are the Mid-term Constituency Reports for the South Central Conference, separated into the different sections. Click on the desired link to open up or download the file to view the complete report.

President’s Report
Executive Secretary Statistical Report
Executive Treasury’s Report
Health Ministry Report
Personal Ministry Report
Adventist Communities Services Report
Children’s Ministry Report
Education Report
Sabbath School : Gift of Prophecy Report
Family Life Report
Men’s Ministry Report
Prayer Ministry Report
Publishing Ministry Report
Women’s Ministry Report
Disability Report
Religious Liberty Report


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