A Heartfelt Response to This Week’s Umpqua Tragedy

The North Pacific Union and Oregon Conferences have jointly issued the following statement in response to this week’s mass shooting:

The Oregon Conference and North Pacific Union Conference church family of members extend our prayers on behalf of all those personally impacted by the tragic events on Thursday, October 1, at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.

Christian Martin, Grants Pass (Oregon) Adventist Church pastor, reports additional sad news, confirmed today by Douglas County authorities. Sarena Moore, one of his church members, was among those killed by the gunman. She was 44. It’s been reported that one of Sarena’s last posts on Facebook was an affirmation of her desire to stand up for Jesus and Christianity.

We urge all Northwest members to pray specifically for the Grants Pass Church and Sarena’s extended family as well as our Roseburg area churches. Please continue to pray for all the students and families impacted along with the first responders and medical personnel.

Al Reimche, Oregon Conference president, says tragedies like this remind us to “join together in praying that God will fill our hearts with a passion to share His love in a world that desperately needs Him.”

In addition, we echo the thoughts of Dan Jackson, North American Division president, shared as follows.
“The Seventh-day Adventist church in North America is heartbroken that once again a gunman has taken nine precious lives in a mass school shooting. We extend our deepest condolences and prayers to the families of the nine people killed, the many wounded, and the students, faculty and staff of Umpqua Community College. We also pray for the community of Roseburg and the heartache they are experiencing as a result of this tragedy.

“It is difficult to believe that a great nation […]

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SCCOE September Newsletter

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Funeral Announcement for Mr. Major Robinson, Jr.

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Funeral Announcement for Mr. Grayland Dewayne Johnson

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Funeral Announcement for Mrs. Rebecca Ann Hogan

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South Central Office Staff Focuses On Team-Building In Annual Office Outing

In addition to attending to their daily responsibilities, the South Central office staff seeks to build camaraderie by doing a number of non-work activities together. Activities that they have done together in the past include such things as The Birthday Club, Bowling Night, Game Night, an office potluck twice per year, an NCAA March Madness Tournament Contest and an Office NFL Fantasy Football League.

The NCAA Tournament Contest and the Fantasy Football have been a particular source of interest as even the non-sports fan in the office participate (One of the ladies in the office asked “What sport has March Madness?”) and find themselves looking at football games and basketball games-for the first time in their lives-to track their progress in the competition.

This year, it was decided to do something different for the annual office outing and focus on team building activities. The day began with a devotional from the Conference President, Elder D.C. Edmond, who elaborated on the difference between the way man builds his team and God builds His team.

The office staff was then divided up into teams.  The staff had been told in advance to wear a specific color (green, blue, yellow, etc.) and all the members of the staff wearing the same color were assigned to the same team. The teams were then told to choose a team leader and a team name. The teams were told that there would later be a series of competitive events that would require them to work together and the team that had the most points would receive prizes.

The first activity of the day, however, was a solo event. Two professional artists were brought in and they guided the staff through painting a picture of a […]

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On Sunday, August 23, 2015, Special Needs Ministries and Adventist Community Services went to Ebenezer SDA Church in Moss Point, MS to support their Community Fest Day.  The ministries of South Central Conference of Seventh-day Adventists are answering the call to “come over into Macedonia to help us.” Other departmental directors were in Moss Point to help with evangelism. School supplies, backpacks, new caps for children, new T-shirts, new shorts, and disaster starter- kits for people with special needs were transported in two overloaded vehicles to Moss Point by Lillie Buckingham, ACS Director and Nettie Henderson, Special Needs Director.  These items were given with love to individuals who had been invited by Pastor David Jones and his congregation at Ebenezer SDA Church.

Henderson, also Director of Disabilities Ministries, encouraged those with special needs to prepare for disasters and emergencies before they happen, because preparedness makes sense for those with a disability as well as others.  Barbara Barnes, Co-Director of Adventist Community Services and Buckingham expressed their compassion for communities and their love for the people of Moss Point when they addressed them during the general assembly of the Community Fest.

Registration forms were filled out by community residents for subsequent outreach and follow-up to establish a lasting relationship with them.  The church provided hot-dogs, chips, soft drinks, bottled water and cupcakes for attendees. Members of Ebenezer SDA Church and supporters from other churches located in Mobile came to be a part of the outreach to the community.

David Jones, pastor, has made a profound impression on city government leadership in the city of Moss Point. The following city officials were present to support the Community Fest: Billy Broomfield, Mayor, Art McCluny, Police Chief, Houston Cunningham, Alderman, Sue Wright, […]

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Mount Calvary Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Huntsville, AL) Celebrates Senior Citizens Day on August 8, 2015

On August 8, Mount Calvary SDA Church Senior’s Ministry, under leadership of Evangelist Alta Holder was blessed with a very powerful message from Pastor Rodney Holder of Atlanta, GA. The message was titled “Are you ready for Jesus second coming?” and focused on “the Light” that is shining through the senior members to lead others to Jesus Christ for His return. Emphasis of the message was on recognizing time is short and everything given in the Spirit of Prophecy has happened. “We must be mindful that our life must be in line with Christ as if He is coming today” said Pastor Holder.  The church was commissioned to also keep their body healthy in order to be able to do the work of the Lord. During the appeal, the entire church stood to rededicate their life to do God’s will.

A delicious meal was served immediately after the divine worship service for the senior members and the guests. An evening meeting was conducted by Pastor Holder showing a missionary trip to Ethiopia to win souls. The seniors, however, was encouraged to allow the Holy Spirit to lead them to do the mission of the church in the location where they are as everyone may not be able to travel abroad. Finally, the seniors had an Arts and craft gallery display in the E. C. Ward Fellowship Hall displaying many arts & crafts items the seniors had made over the past few months.  The senior’s goal is to raise funds to assist those in needs and be able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Bushner said he is proud of the senior members of Mt. Calvary and thanked Evangelist Holder for her leadership and passion for […]

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First Union Springs SDA Church Women’s Ministry Department launched its End It Now Campaign, which began on Friday, August 21 and ending on Sabbath afternoon, August 22, 2015.

The scheduled events began with an assembly outside the downtown courthouse in Union Springs. This is where the ladies displayed an assortment of brochures, flyers, other handouts, pencils, wristbands and pins.

The intent was to familiarize the public with an awareness of abuse that occurs in our churches, schools, homes and the workplace; along with intervention strategies available throughout the region and the State of Alabama.

We also, gave out free bags of Nature’s Popcorn and bottled water.

On Sabbath afternoon, Pastor Mickens was the facilitator for the final portion of the End It Now Campaign.

He held an open forum on the particulars about abuse in its many forms, as well as intervention strategies offered through the One Justice Family Center in Montgomery, AL.

This facility is designed to address the total family once an incident of abuse has been reported.

Many of the attendees exchanged dialogue regarding personal or family encounters with many years of abuse; recovery and the healing process through the grace of God.

The discussion was so dynamic that the members requested more frequent meetings to address the topic of abuse.

Our goal is to invite other professional individuals in the counseling area to our church to address the topic of elder abuse in the home and health care facilities.


First Union Springs SDA Church, Pastor Michael Mickens

Minister Dorothy Jones, Women’s Ministry South Alabama State Director

Ophelia Riley, Women’s Ministry Leader

L. Pearl Johnson, Women’s Ministry Leader

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KY/Mid TN Youth Federation This Coming Weekend

Greetings Pastors, Treasurers, Youth Leaders and Youth Supporters!

Kentucky Middle Tennessee Youth Federation is right around the corner! This year our federation will be hosted at Christ Church Nashville at 15354 Old Hickory Blvd in Nashville, Tennessee.  The theme for the day is LOVED!  The federation will take place on September 19, 2015 beginning at 9:30 a.m. CST with our Health & Temperance Competition.  With this event approaching quickly, we are asking for each church to submit your church federation dues to assist in defraying the cost for the event.

Please be sure to visit the federation website for updates, and to submit questions/comments under “Contact Us.”  We look forward to seeing you at YOUR youth federation on Sept. 19th !


Natalie Mims

Kentucky Middle Tennessee Youth Federation President

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