Presidential Coverage of the 2015 General Conference Session

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Office Comings and Goings

There have been a number of things that have happened at the South Central Conference of late. Here are a few of them:

Personnel Changes:

There have been several changes in the Department of Education. Mrs. Eunice Warfield, our Superintendent of Education announced her retirement, effective June 30.

Dr. Warfield accepted a call to our conference approximately four years ago from the Southwest Union Conference, where she was serving as their Superintendent of Education. We have benefitted from her wide-ranging experience and her professionalism. Additionally, we benefitted from the services of her husband, retired Pastor Melvyn Warfield, Sr., who stepped in as an interim Pastor of our church in Gallatin at a time when he was very much needed.

We thank the Warfields for their ministry to our conference and wish them well in their retirement.

The Executive Committee asked Associate Superintendent Sharon Lewis to step into the role of Superintendent of Education. Mrs. Lewis is also a long-time Adventist educator, who has served as a teacher, principal and conference educational administrator in the Seventh-day Adventist school system for nearly forty years.

She came to our office from Huntsville, where she served as Principal of Oakwood Adventist Academy for approximately five years. She too is married to a Seventh-day Adventist Pastor, Elder James Lewis, who serves part-time in our conference as the Associate Stewardship Director, as well the Associate Pastor for the Huntsville Mt. Calvary Church, in addition to his full-time responsibility as the Director of the Office of Regional Ministries in Huntsville, Alabama.

We are blessed to have a person of the experience and expertise of Mrs. Lewis and we look forward to her leadership of our schools.

Mrs. Lewis promotion to Superintendent of Education created a void in the Associate Superintendent’s position. The […]

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2015 Goals for the South Central Conference

Each year the President sets goals for the conference. It is part of a desire to be intentional about setting a direction for the conference.

Without this intentionality there is the danger of the conference not having a clear direction, to “aim at nothing,” as the late President C.E. Dudley, used to say, “and hit it.”

These goals are set at the end of each previous year. Then they are sent to the Executive Committee, the Pastors, and the office staff. During each Executive Committee and the monthly office staff meetings, the President reviews the goals for the year. Additionally, a report on the progress that the Lord is granting toward reaching these goals is given.

Around March of each year, the final numbers for the previous years are available. A report of the goals that were/were not reached is given to the Executive Committee, Pastors, and office staff. In the case of the goals that were not reached, an explanation is given as to why the goal was not reached and what can/cannot be done to address the missing of those goals.

The final step in this process was taken last year when the President made a report to the constituency in his blog regarding the yearly goals and which ones were/were not reached. Though we are sharing the goals for the year later in the year than we would like, nevertheless, here are the goals for the South Central Conference for 2015:


1,000 baptisms
4% Tithe Gain
Operations Gain
Evaluate every full-time employee
Reduce Fall Drive Goals by 7-10%
7,000 Message Magazine Subscriptions
Establishment of an intentional, step-by-step discipling of new members
Implementation of Young Adult Ministries Initiative
Reduce Budget Percentage Going to Salary/Benefits to 65-67%, without layoffs
Increase Working Capital so that we can return monies […]

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In Louisville KY, at the Galt House Hotel, on the banks of the Ohio river, Youth Congress began as usual; delegates filing into the lobby, exploring the hotel, looking for friends, making noise. This year there were not as many delegates as previous times. Vandeon Griffin, SCC Youth Director, feels the count was smaller than normal, since this year was on the heels of Osh Kosh Camporee, therefore believes the churches could not afford another major event so close to each other. That, however, did not deter the nearly 250 young folks that attended. They were just as excited and attentive as always.

The theme was “Covered,” reinforcing in the minds of the youth they are covered by the blood. Protected from the attacks of Satan. This theme was reiterated over and over by speakers such as Myron Edmonds, of Cleveland OH, Robert Davis, of Baton Rouge LA, Kymone Hinds, of Memphis, TN, Pierre Qinn, of Bowling Green KY, Isaac Conn, of Louisville KY, Lola Moore, of South Central Conference, and Misty Jenkins from Lexington KY.

There was a note of sadness when Dana Edmond, SCC president, gave Griffin a public “Kudos” for serving South Central as youth director for 9 years. It was a surreal moment for many for this was the last full Youth Congress for Griffin.

This year the youth did two different acts of service for the community.  Some went to the food bank to sort and box food, while others went and cleaned trash from off the streets.

The entertainment was plenty, with John Stoddard, Jason Clayborn, Aaron Cole and the winner of Sunday Best, Joshua Rogers. As always, the music did not disappoint.

There was plenty of other activities for the young people; different […]

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Funeral Announcement for Mr. Robert Lee Anderson, Jr.

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It was a delightful Sabbath celebration for the members of Jordan Street and Bethany SDA church. The view was a picturesque backdrop of soft white sands, calming waves, and the sounds of the members praising God for his grace, his love, his mercy, and the goodness of nature that we often neglect to stop and enjoy.   This was the second time and sadly, the last time the members of the Jordan Street and Bethany SDA church would come together for their annual “Sabbath on the Beach” service with Pastor Daniel Lubega before he moves on to Memphis, Tennessee.  Smiling  members gathered at Johnson Beach in Pensacola, Florida dressed in their deep gold and royal purple SDA t-shirts wearing sandals, flip-flops and shorts with their folding chairs, beach towels, Bibles, and open hearts anticipating receiving a blessing.


Sabbath school lesson led by Elder Earl Jones was surreal hearing the sounds of the waves making their way to the shore. It gave the members a clear vision of how it must have felt when Jesus taught the multitudes at the Sea of Galilee. It made the lesson come alive and the members got a glimpse of how powerful the word of God is.

As the Jordan Street choir led by Sister Cheryl Watson sang uplifting songs, it felt like God was breathing power into the choir and the Holy Spirit was there.  Their pleasant voices reached far beyond the pavilion.  It was so moving that people began to migrate from the beach to join in the celebration.  Service carried on as if it were behind the four walls of Jordan Street and Bethany. Pastor Lubega’s sermon entitled “A Father’s Love” was on the parable of the prodigal son.   “This is […]

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French Visitors

On Sabbath May 17, 2015, Natchez Triumphant Seventh-Adventist Church in Natchez, Mississippi, (South Central Conference-Southern Union territory) welcomed visitors from France. The small member church performed a special worship service of music and evangelism for the Postmodernism European, in context of tourism. More than 30 French Tourist (Native Tourism- a Senior Citizen Caucasian group) from the city of Bordeaux, Southern France came to worship in the Adventist church as part of American experience.

The worship service was compromised of the traditional service with the emphasis on Gospel music, which The French group desired to hear and experience while in United States. Pastor Bryant Herbert (District Pastor of Natchez, Fayette, and Woodville) sought out a French-speaking Pastor, Libny H. Debreuze (Pastor of All nations Worship Center of SDA in Baton Rouge, LA and Manantial de Vida Group, New Orleans) to preach the sermon allowing their French guest to be the focus of the entire day.

Pastor Dubreuze (Former Senior Pastor of Nueilly SDA Church in Paris, France) focused his sermon on the greatness of God and His compassion focused on the appointment of Bartimaeus with Jesus.  Pastor Dubreuze emphasized, God is superior to the great scientists and doctors of this world.  All one has to do is cross the Atlantic to realize human beings are unable to repeat this miracle. This style of evangelism, with the European mindset at hand, is friendship evangelism for Postmodernism and Secularism mind.

Following worship service the small member church fed their guests with a healthy French style meal, having plenty of sweets, per their requests. Pastor Herbert said ”It was our pleasure having them here in our small town. It allowed us the opportunity being able to minister to them. It gave us, as a church, to show love, even […]

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Funeral Notice for Mr. Edward Landers Atchley

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Women’s Ministry, Making a Difference

The Women’s Ministry of Maranatha S.D.A. Church Jackson, Tennessee, group has been taking Snack Kits to the Jackson General Hospital ICU for the families of the patients. Our group has been providing this service for the last three months. Many ladies worked to prepare these kits. The group places a variety of items in the bags such as granola bars, peanut butter crackers, gum, mints, chips, bottles of water, as well as a GLOW pamphlet to encourage the families. We deliver these bags the fourth Sunday of the month. There have been times when we were able to pray with family members during these deliveries.

Another project they are working on is providing mats for the homeless to sleep on. This project is taking some time because we are crocheting these mats out of plastic bags. We are determined to make a difference in the community by God’s grace.


Bertha Hall

Women’s Ministry Secretary

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OAA Students Achieving Great Heights

Oakwood Adventist Academy prepares students to achieve success, not only at OAA, but also in state, national and international arenas, as evidenced by several students who have been selected to participate in prestigious summer programs as the result of highly competitive selection processes.

Graduating senior DeAndre King, who began playing the viola in the 5th grade as a part of OAA’s string program, will spend three (3) weeks at Roosevelt University as a member of the Sphinx Performance Academy.
Junior Damar Thomas will spend three (3) weeks at Loma Linda University in the Minority Introduction to the Health Sciences (MITHS) program.
Junior Keviez Wilson will spend six (6) weeks at Howard University at its High School Summer Enrichment Academy.
Sophomore Jasmine Thornhill will spend three (3) weeks in South America (Dominican Republic and Nicaragua) as part of a jointly sponsored Georgetown University and United States government program. Jasmine will also spend a week as an intern at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens due to her success in the Alabama State Science Fair.
Graduating seniors Hilliairie Cowan and Christyn Hopkins, students in the senior Economics class, placed 3rd (out of 438 teams) in the North Alabama Division of the Stock Market Game, and received $100.00 cash prizes.

Oakwood Adventist Academy’s mission is to Develop, Nurture and Affirm students for a lifetime of service to God and humanity.  Principal Edgecombe and the entire faculty and staff are proud of these high-achieving students who are “Blessed to have OAA in their DNA”.


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