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Closing of the Review and Herald

//Closing of the Review and Herald

Closing of the Review and Herald

On Tuesday, June 17, the constituents for the Review and Herald Publishing Association (PHPA) voted to close the RHPA, in Hagerstown MD., and transfer all it’s assets and operations to the Pacific Press Publishing Association (PPPA) in Nampa Idaho.

The RHPA was the oldest institution in the Adventist church.  It had a long rich history and is simply known by many as the Review.  It was not an easy decision to make. There were many heated discussions, and some heated exchanges.  Passions for keeping the RHPA open were high, yet in the end the vote to close was overwhelmingly clear.  The margin was almost 3-1 in favor of closing.

Several things will happen as a result of this vote.

1. The PPPA was transferred from the General Conference (GC)  to the North American Division (NAD).  This gives the NAD the right to control publishing within it’s own territory. Until now all the Publishing Houses in the Division’s territory were owned and operated by the GC.

2.  The name, The Review and Herald, will be assumed by the GC, yet will no longer be a Publishing House for the distribution of our books, but will be the flagship name for all the publishing work throughout the world church. And it will be office in the GC Building.

Currently the GC publishes the Review, the Adventist World, the Adult Sabbath School Quarterlies, Ministry Magazine, and a few other publications that pertain to the church membership.  Under this new arrangement, these magazines will now fall under the name Review and Herald.

3.  All of our books and other publications will now be ordered from the PPPA exclusively,

The North American Division is in the process of restructuring the publishing ministry within the NAD territory.  What this means and how it will happen is yet to be determined.
However the Division is dedicated to, not just keeping the publishing ministry alive, but reinvent how publishing can meet the demands of an ever changing world, without having our printing/publishing operations run massive deficits that cannot be sustained, and to meet the post millennial mindset as well.

We ask that you continue to pray for the North American Division as they take the publishing ministry into this new era, as they allow the Holy Spirit to lead.


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