Welcome to Disability Ministries

Accentuating the positive, focusing on strengths, leading to Christ

The Disability Ministry’s goal is to assist churches in its efforts to comply with the North American Division (NAD) and Southern Union Conference Guidelines for People with Disabilities.  We support local churches as they minister to persons with mental or physically impaired by utilizing innovative programs and developing relationships.  The South Central Conference Disability Ministry is the advocate for people with disabilities in its five state conference.

We are delighted to have you visit with us. It is our aim to meet your Informational and spiritual needs at this web site.

The purpose of this ministry is multifaceted.

It encourages awareness of the needs of people with disabilities. It educates and sensitizes pastors and church members of spiritual gifts that people with disabilities may have that can enrich worship services.

It promotes consideration, participation, and total inclusion of people with disabilities in all activities of the church. It raises consciousness of church families to expose attitudes that may be discriminative and injurious to the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of persons with disabilities.

It advocates for resources and services for people with disabilities which enhance accessibility to our churches and schools.

It educates people with disabilities in ways to win the disability challenge with love, faith, and hope . It seeks to change attitudes that are not productive; and, teach the power of self-expression and reformation.

It encourages home visits and Bible studies with the people we serve.

Disability Ministries Services

There is a multiplicity of moving parts in disability ministries due to the wide range in types of disabilities. To summarize the scope of our services, we serve people who have developmental disabilities, acquired disabilities due to an accident or a disease, mental disabilities, visual and hearing disabilities, and hidden disabilities.


1.         Wheelchair and special needs access identification at all churches and schools.

2.         Sensitization, through workshops and other means of communication, of church members to the gifts and talents of people with disabilities.

3.         Encouragement for acquisition of church vans that are wheelchair accessible.

4.         Promotion of equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

5.         Attitudinal changes for elimination of barriers to a disability friendly church.

6.         Education for individuals and families on how to win the disability challenge through structured workshops that deal with anger, self-esteem issues, health, exercise, sexuality and spirituality.

7.         Support for dignity and self-respect for all of God’s children.

8.         Development of a support system (Coalition of Friends of People with Disabilities) in our churches that assist individuals and families with respite care, parents’ day out, Bible studies, and other services identified by the people we serve.

9.         Dissemination of information and community services to individuals and families to facilitate acquisition of equipment and other services that they may need.

10.       Encouragement for people with disabilities to use their spiritual gifts and other talents in churches and communities.

11.       In-reach and outreach with Bible studies to people with disabilities.

12.       Individual counseling by licensed counselors and social workers, upon request.

These services are essential for total inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in our churches. Persons desiring to join the Coalition of Friends of Persons with Disabilities may do so by contacting the Disability Ministries Coordinators in their churches regarding their commitment to work in partnership with God in disability ministries.

Thank you for visiting this page. Please email me your ideas and suggestions relative to how we can grow and improve disability ministries: nettie.henderson@scc-adventist.org.

Mrs. Nettie Henderson, ACSW, is a social worker with years of experience in working with individuals and families who live each day with challenges caused by a disability.