On Sabbath, November 7, the rainy weather did not deter students, teachers, parents and members of the constituent congregations of the E.E. Rogers SDA School in Jackson, MS, from gathering to celebrate Adventist Education.  Pastors P. Johny of the South Jackson SDA Church, James Owens of the Berean SDA Church and J. Parker of the New Life Church led a spirited discussion of the Sabbath School lesson. As the crowd continued to grow, additional chairs had to be brought from the classrooms to accommodate everyone.

Music was provided by a constituent choir, which included students and adults from the various churches, and the congregation was uplifted by an inspirational performance from the E.E. Rogers Sign Language Ministry.  SCC President, Dana Edmond, introduced the Divine Worship Service speaker – Dr. Ron Smith, Southern Union President.  Elder Danny Chandler, a strong supporter of Adventist Education, shared how he began working nearly two years ago, to get this event on the union president’s busy schedule.  Principal Youlander Clarke and school board chair Mae Henry each expressed appreciation for the faithful support the school receives from its constituent churches.

As the congregation was comfortably accommodated in the spacious gymnasium for the worship service and in the large multi-purpose room for the delicious dinner meal, we could not help but reflect on how God has blessed E.E. Rogers to be housed in such a wonderful facility!  Although E.E. Rogers is a small school (currently 26 students), they have big plans for the future. Principal Clarke (Grades 1-4) and Mrs. Patricia Thompson (Grades 5-8) look forward to welcoming many more students as they continue on their “Journey to Excellence” in Adventist Education.