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F.H. Jenkins Students Present Week of Prayer At SCC Office

//F.H. Jenkins Students Present Week of Prayer At SCC Office

F.H. Jenkins Students Present Week of Prayer At SCC Office

The office staff at the South Central Conference was recently blessed by another Week of Prayer-the second in the past month. A few weeks earlier, several of the local Pastors came to the conference office to share out of the Word of God.

The local Pastors were used by God to deliver four powerful messages built around the theme for the conference for 2014-GOTTA tell SOMEBODY.  This time, the blessings came from across the street, from the students of F.H. Jenkins.

Each morning, during the office staff worship, the young people of F.H. Jenkins came and shared their Student Week of Prayer with the staff. The students were responsible for virtually the entire worship service-even the videotaping of the services was done by a student.

F.H. Jenkins students Nadia Harden, Karly Kibble, Courtni Hewlett, and Brandon Lake-King, from the theme “ The Fruit of the Spirit”. The staff was appreciative of and blessed by what the students shared on a daily basis.

At the end of the student Week of Prayer, the Conference President, Elder D.C. Edmond, thanked Principal Brian Watts, the F.H. Jenkins staff and students, for coming and sharing their Week of Prayer with the office staff. He asked the students to please remember the South Central Conference in their daily class worship and also asked them if they would please return next year to bring another student Week of Prayer to the office staff.

Below are some of the pictures


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