This year, the Sixth Grade Outdoors School at Camp Alamisco, began with new scientific adventures in nature and ended with nineteen students making decisions for the God of the elements.  This annual outdoor event, which was pioneered by retired educator Zeola Allston of Huntsville, AL, took on a fresh twist with the collaboration of Southern University’s Outdoor School and GoScience by Ben Roy and Carol Hoekenga.  Sixth- eight students, twenty chaperones and the office of education staff convened on Camp Alamisco grounds in Dadeville, AL for two and half days of learning fun on April 18- 20.  Students were assigned to cabins where they found comradery, new friendships, and daily cabin cleanup duties.

Each morning and evening the entire camp met on the yard of the pavilion for flag raising and lowering so militantly drilled by teacher Lylton Powell of Alcy SDA in Memphis, TN.  After delicious and nutri meals prepared by the new Camp Ranger Todd Ward and his wife, Shellie, students walked to the outdoors chapel overlooking the beautiful Lake Martin River for God’s time.   There, Pastor Furman Fordham of the Riverside SDA Chapel led them into a scientific-based inquiry of the mystery of man’s ever- constant search for eternal life.  Afterwards, the students were divided into five study groups and led into the woods to learn the wonders of Science, Math, in nature.

The afternoon was filled with activities- swimming, canoeing, picnicking, and preparing for the cabin presentations-the highlight of the camp.  At sunset cabins made presentations and a wonder-filled light show by GoScience bedazzled the audience.   The fearless chaperones were treated to a relaxing night cruise down the river on the pontoon boat.  On the final morning Pastor Fordham’s awesome appeal led nineteen students to choose Jesus as their personal Savior.  After a warm goodbye, everyone loaded up in their buses, cars and van to travel back to their schools to resume the end of another school year. Ah, what fun! What Blessings!