The Ebenezer Church declares “Moss Point shall live and NOT die!”

In spite of the rain, 150+ persons showed-up at The Moss Point Mississippi community service ministry event which included fun and games for the children. On Sunday, August 21st, we shared the 2nd Annual City-wide Fest! We gave school supplies for youth and Disaster Starter Kits for Special Needs children. Our South Central Conference community services co-director, Lillie Buckingham, and disability ministries director, Nettie Henderson where there with their booths and shared a myriad of resources with the community that day.

This event had shared support of city officials: Mayor Billy Broomfield, Economic Development Director Susan White, Aldermen Houston Cunningham, Community Development Director, Kathy Keaton, Police Chief Art McClung, Superintendent Shannon Vincent, Fire Chief Tommie Posey, and other guests included many local pastors who offered their support.

The week of August 21 – 27, 2016 was filled with activity as nightly services began on Sunday and continued to the following Sabbath. Prentice Sorrells, pastor, Harvest Seventh-day Adventist Church, Harvest, Alabama preached Spirit-breathed messages echoing the theme, “Moss Point Shall Live and Not Die.” Church members were inspired and reminded that Jesus has a specific desire to see those in Moss Point abundantly blessed and filled with His power. In addition to the blessed services, the Lord increased His kingdom with 3 decisions for baptism. Candidates Alice Jefferson, Sheila Scott, and David Patton were the fruits of the harvest. They studied the Amazing Facts Bible Study course and were later baptized by Pastor David K. Jones, DD.