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Moving Forward

//Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Zion Temple, Woodvile, MS

Unless the Lord builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the Lord guards the city, The watchman stays awake in vain.   Psalms 127:1- NKJV

Zion Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church rededicated their newly renovated church building on February 22, 2014. The church of thirty (30) members at the commencement of the project, had an aspiration to improve God’s house. The vision to renovate, rebuild on site, or relocate began many years ago under the Pastoral leadership of Dr. Emanual Foxworth. In addition to the faithful return of a ten percent tithe, some members gave and are still giving unreserved offerings to the church amounting 5 to 20 percent. Thus, with the financial groundwork in motion according to His plan, God proved Himself and continues to bless abundantly. Over the years, the church was able to accumulate funds that allowed renovation and expansion without borrowing a dime.

The actual plan to renovate the church originated during a board meeting, Pastor Bryant Herbert suggested that new carpet be installed in the sanctuary to prepare for an upcoming series of Evangelistic meetings. Once those words were uttered, the meeting took a life of its own and the board meeting became a planning session.  Being a small church with big goals, it took a couple of meetings to put a plan in place to upgrade the Lord’s house. The renovation process has been slow due to the unforeseen winter weather conditions in the region, but God has blessed. During the reconstruction of the building, a series of Evangelistic meetings were simultaneously held off-site which resulted in the baptism of seven souls. 

Through it all, Zion Temple has truly grown physically and spiritually. The church has experienced new life, a breath of fresh air, a sense of joy, and there is a new spirit in the church that can be felt by those who enter its walls.

The church, which is still in progress, primarily on the outside, was able to re-open its doors to District Churches (Natchez Triumphant and Fayette First New Life), friends, and guests on the day of Rededication. Since the process began, the church was able to see that the renovation resembled their spiritual lives. Therefore, recognizing God’s work on the human heart and the work on the structure, the theme for the celebration was “Moving Forward: From the Inside-Out.” During the service, prayers of rededication were offered for the hearts of those assembled and for the church building. Also, there was a special prayer for retired Pastor Emanual Foxworth, to whom an honorary plaque was presented. The day was truly a high day in the Lord with Elder Dana Edmond, President, SCC, as the guest speaker reminding us that ministry is not about us!

It has been a time full of eager labor and activity that seemed to have no end in sight.  Although the intensity of activity has somewhat tapered, the universal saying of the people is, “I can’t wait for this to be done.” As the church moves forward in the Lord, it is truly great to see the smiles and looks on people’s faces as they observe the transformation from how the church use to look.  Under the leadership of Pastor Herbert, the church will prayerfully continue to move forward physically and spiritually to completion of the project. It is truly a blessing to worship God in a new sanctuary with rededicated hearts!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!



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