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Prayer Requests

Please pray for Elder Harold Goodloe's family as you know just last week his wife Debrah's mother passed and yesterday his son-in-law was found dead in Chicago. Please lift him up so that the Lord can [...]

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Un Lugar En La Mesa

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South Central Conferences 25th Regular Session Press Release

July, 24, 2016 The constituents of South Central Conference voted the following names to serve for this quinquennial. ADMINISTRATION: Elder Benjamin Jones, President Dr. John Nixon Sr., Executive Secretary Mrs. Merkita Mosley, Treasurer DIRECTORS Adventist [...]

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What Can Be Done? Part II

What Can Be Done? Part II Last week, we began our discussion on the horrific spate of violence that had occurred between police and citizens in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas. The shootings in Louisiana and [...]

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Funeral Notice for Sylvia Wilkerson-Bushner

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What Can We Do – I?

I have not written in this space for several months now - which is not a good thing. I do want to squeeze in three articles before my time comes to an end. So, here [...]

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