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Small Church Day – Ephesus SDA Church, Clarksville, TN

Awesome Experience!  The church is small, but well attended, and well organized.

Elder Shirley Scott began the day with an inspirational “Songspiration” by Pastor Lola Moore, followed by a thought provoking lesson, taught by Elder Benjamin […]

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Widow’s Dinner

On Sabbath, December 15, 2014, Mr Maurice Chapple, one of our deacons of the Oakwood Univetsity Church, hosted its widows and widowers.  As the younger son of Pastor and Mrs Chappel,  he saw the challenges […]

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My Incredible Maranatha Mission Adventure to Changuinola, Panama

Recently, my husband, Morris, and I participated in a Maranatha Mission adventure in Changuinola, Panama.  One of my most fascinating experiences was meeting so many strangers for the first time, living and working together for […]

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Funeral Notice for Mrs. Edna B. Atkins

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Funeral Notice for Mrs. Edythe Young Doggette

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Community Health Expo

On Sunday, April 12 2015, Maranatha SDA Church of Jackson TN hosted its first Community Health Expo that reached the community with the Plan of God for our health. The Lord has ordained methods of […]

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