This winter, literature evangelist from Oakwood and Southern Universities entered the mission field sharing their faith and returned with testimonies and $28,000 in donations toward their tuition. Here is one testimony.  “This winter was my first canvassing experience with South Central Conference and I can say that the Lord couldn’t have helped me make a better decision than this one for the entire year.  The Lord blessed me in many different ways over this campaign by finical and spiritual.  The Lord reveled to me why canvassing and witnessing to everybody in the world is very important and critical to our times now.  We must constantly remember Matthew 28:19-20 because that is the verse that I keep in my head all day while going out on the field for hours at a time in one day.  On one day while working a parking lot our day was coming to a close.  I wanted to talk to one more guy that the Holy Spirit led me to speak to in that very moment before leaving.  I approached the man in the car with his face looking very unset and disgruntled towards me. I began to give him my canvass when he looks at me and says “Go away, I don’t have any money and I have had two people who took me for everything I have so now I am poor and broke” I told him that I didn’t want his money but to only pray with him. At this point God opened a window of opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work through me to this man’s life. I began telling him about Jesus and his soon coming; moments after that the man began to cry.  We prayed together and he also accepted a bible study that day as well.  This goes to show that when you are faithful to the Lord and are doing his work, blessings will come your way and the Lord can use you to change many lives of people.  We are all vessels in the sight of the Lord and if we are true to God great things will happen in the name of Jesus!” Be apart of the Blessings and call Pastor Mattison @ 404-217-6338 for this semester and summer.  Also apply @