1009, 2014

News and Notes-Part II

Last time, we talked about reprising what I called “my former life, as the Youth Director.” I mentioned how much I loved being Youth Director; to be the Youth Director of the South Central […]

2008, 2014

News and Notes from All Over – I

I began my service in the conference office as the Director of Youth Ministries back in 1990.  Back in those days, I was one of the youngest people in the conference office-that is hard […]

406, 2014

Thank God for a Good Year – The Conclusion


In the first two parts of this series, we looked back at the year 2013.  I shared with you that I recognized the unusual nature of reviewing the previous year nearly halfway through the […]

905, 2014

Thank God For A Good Year-Part II

If you are just “tuning in,” it may seem a bit strange to be reviewing 2013, when nearly six months of 2014 have already passed. But we shared with you that in our last […]

2804, 2014

Thank the Lord for A Good Year – Part I

At our April 13, 2014 Executive Committee meeting, we examined the final financial numbers for the year, 2013. With the receipt of that information, we were able to close the book on 2013 and […]

1010, 2013

Equipping Our Workers-Part III

Today, we finish our discussion on the third of the “7 E’s- Equipping Our Workers

We concluded last time by saying that one of the things that we are doing to equip our workers is […]

109, 2013

Equipping Our Workers – Part II

Equipping Our Workers-Part II

After taking a break from our continuing series on the State of the Conference for our annual Camp Meeting series, we now return.

We have been discussing what we have called “The 7 […]

1907, 2013

Camp Meeting, 2013-Part II

Camp Meeting, 2013-Part II
Each year, I share with you in this space what I learn as I have the opportunity to go to camp meetings in other conferences.

This year, from the end of May, until the […]

1906, 2013

Camp Meeting, 2013

Last time, we talked about Camp Meeting, 2013, in South Central Conference and how the Lord blessed our gathering.
Every year, I make it a habit to visit at least one other camp meeting, in […]

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