For some time now quietly and imperceptibly literature evangelism has been a tool in the hands of God to engage youth and young adults in spreading the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ.  This summer was no different in South Central Conference.  The leadership of the Publishing Department at SCC joined hands with Elders Carl McRoy of South Atlantic,  Theus Young of Southeastern, and William Smith at the Union and deployed 82 student literature evangelist in the states of Birmingham,AL , Louisville,KY, Orlando,FL, Charlotte NC, and Cleveland, OH!

Over $300,000 in literature was distributed helping our youth to attend our schools. Over 75,000 pieces of literature was hand delivered. Through their experience and exercising of faith 8 literature evangelist decided to give their lives to Jesus at the end of the summer.  Pastor Vandeon Griffin, SCC Youth Director and pastor of South Nashville SDA church, spoke at the summer retreat on Friday night and on Sabbath at his church they took a stand! Their decisions only is a foretaste of thousands of decision that will be made from the word of God preached and in printed  just before probation closes.

For the last year of this quinquinnium 2016, Elder Edmond president of South Central Conference is focusing on “Engaging Young Adults”.  Having young adults active in the mission of the church means that the church must become more mobile and lest stagnant. More involved in the community and concerned with the lives of all its member especially the young adults who are looking for purpose and a place to belong.  Thats why the publishing ministry continues to be successful year after year.

This ministry is transforming the lives of our youth as it provides a safe environment for 10 weeks to get away from it all and focus on Jesus and His mission. They in essence become the church in the community and on the move.  Their lives are uprooted and they are dispersed in a strange land as the Holy Spirt guides them. They are touching peoples lives with the gospel while at the same time the gospel is touching their lives as well. Whether young or old God is calling our church to share the gospel today. If not by preaching, if not by printing, please by proof of a godly life. If you are inspired to share the gospel through literature contact our office and sign up today. 404-217-6338