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Sabbath School is discipleship through religious education—and so much more. In seeking to meet the spiritual formation needs of its members, it features emphases in fellowship, outreach, Bible study, and mission and provides a rich spiritual environment in practical, everyday settings. In Sabbath School, there’s something for everyone and everything for you and for people all around you!

My Mission in Sabbath School is to help you recognize your God-given TALENT… to turn those talents into powerful SKILLS… and to teach you to use those skills to achieve your most heart-felt GOALS for God…sooner, rather than later.  - Craig Newborn, Sabbath School Director

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Goals and Objectives

Sabbath School Goals and Objectives
Our goal is to partner with the local Sabbath School leaders to assist in facilitating the corporate movement of the church body from Membership to Discipleship.

The Sabbath School has four specific objectives:

Study of the Word. The Sabbath School will help the students understand the gospel and make a personal commitment to it. It will help them grow spiritually through study of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.

Fellowship. The Sabbath School will foster fellowship among members in the weekly Sabbath School program, develop projects for recruiting new members and integrating them into church life, and finding ways of restoring inactive members.

Community Outreach. The Sabbath School will help its students catch a vision of the church’s mission in the community, train them for service, and inspire them to witness. It will develop programs to involve them in soul-winning activities.

World Mission Emphasis. The Sabbath School will present a clear vision of the global mission of the church. It will promote a personal, systematic, and self-denying commitment to the support of world missions, and foster in all a desire to help fulfill the gospel commission.