South Central Conference
Small Church Day
Canton Seventh-day Adventist Church
Canton, MS

On Sabbath, April 2, 2016, the South Central Conference administration team, departmental directors, and supporting staff set their sights South toward Canton, MS to minister to the Canton Seventh-day Adventist Church.  The Holy Spirit moved and we experienced a wonderful time in God.

Sabbath School, Stewardship, and Intercessory Prayer were led by Elder Michael Harpe, ASI/Stewardship Director. The Children story was led by Mrs. Kim Griffin, Senior Accountant, with lessons on patience. An inspiring Call to Worship was led by Elder Vandeon Griffin, Youth Ministries Director. Elder Merkita Mosley, Executive Treasurer, called for Tithe and Offering. Scripture reading was led by Ms. Jeannie Wright, Human Resources Director. Elder Lola Moore, Young Adult Director, rendered angelic praise in song and reminded us of God’s faithfulness. Benediction was led by Elder Java Mattison, Publishing Director.

Elder D.C. Edmond was the speaker of the hour and hearts were truly blessed. He delivered a timely message with great energy entitled, “Where is God when I hurt?” taken from John 11:32-37. He reminded us that 1.) There is a reason and purpose for our pain. 2.) Our pain is not permanent. 3.) Our pain /problems give God the chance to show His power. Many times God allows the enemy to do something TO us so God can do something FOR us.

The climax of our day was the ability to go and share our faith at the neighborhood nursing home with those who hunger to delight in the goodness of God through earnest praise and worship. Together we shared in song, testimony, and devotional thoughts. What an awesome privilege to be able to fellowship with the community.