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On Sunday, May 25, 2014 the disabled of Mt. Calvary SDA Church in Huntsville, AL ventured out to be by themselves at Ditto Landing, a resort area also in Huntsville. Yes, it was predicted that the temperature would be 90 degrees, but we went by faith asking and knowing the Lord would turn down the heat for us and this He did. Sixteen individuals, some on the church van and others in their own vehicles, met at the church and left on the trip together.

We were blessed to be accompanied by Nettie Henderson, Disabilities Ministries’ Director, South Central Conference. The Singing Brothers, Al Gardner and Joel Johnson, went ahead to secure an appropriate spot, knowing that the place can be very crowded, especially on a holiday weekend. Upon arriving and giving thanks in prayer, the main reason for the retreat was apparent. Jacqueline Richards, Disabilities Ministries Coordinator led out in a discussion citing her top priority for the ministry at Mt. Calvary Church. “I want to know how we can enhance disability ministries and move it to another level, implementing ways in which we can meet people with disabilities in the community” said Richards. She continued, “Disability is not confined to church, its everywhere, it’s a part of society. So as a church, we have to reach others and let them know we are concerned about them; that we hurt, too, just as they hurt. We want them to know also that being disabled does not mean God has cast us away or we can’t do anything.”

Everyone had an opportunity to voice their input, so we concluded that we are going to step out in faith and take disability ministry a step higher, after which we had a delicious meal. Some adult individuals and children enjoyed a walk on the bank of the river. After having a wonderful fellowship of sharing together, and setting goals for this ministry, we prepared to leave, because other activities were happening in our church on this day. We formed a circle and had prayer before leaving. We thank God for that wonderful experience He gave us and we look forward to having more like this. We are God’s children, too, you know.

Jacqueline Richards


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