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March is Church Beautification Month

We are encouraging every church to review the condition of all their property and do something to maintain or enhance its appearance. The following easy steps should help you inspect, plan and beautify your property.

Select a Church Beautification Committee – Start by selecting a team of persons to serve on the church beautification committee. This team should include your all deacons, communication leader, safety officer, pastor, janitor, kitchen supervisor, usher board leader and others you feel should be a part of the team such as carpenters, landscapers, painters and other contractors who may be members of your church.

Inspect Your Property – Using a digital camera to photograph your church, inspect the property looking for safety, structural, maintenance, and beautification concerns. A Property Inspection Shot list is available to guide you through this process.

Exterior Property – Note the landscape and shrubbery, parking lot and sidewalks.

The Building Exterior — note the condition of the roof, gutters, eaves and fascia board, windows, walls, pavement, light fixtures, steps, doors.

Electrical, HVAC and Gas – HVAC, electrical connections at boxes, are tree limbs in power lines, propane tanks, and natural gas meter.

Signage – Identification signs, highway directional signs, parking signs

Handicapped Accessibility – ramps, marked handicapped parking spaces, handicapped parking signs

Interior Rooms and Furnishings – Look at all rooms and their contents, steps to baptistry and baptismal pool, Musical Instruments. Note the condition of carpet and floors.

Electrical – Circuit Boxes and surroundings, HVAC and surroundings, hot water heater and surroundings.

Interior signs – Exit signs above doors and in corridors

Create a Church Beautification Slideshow – When you have completed your inspection, create an inspection report in PowerPoint. A Church Beautification PowerPoint template may be downloaded.

Plan Church Improvements with Church Beautification Committee – Show the Inspection Slideshow to the Beautification Committee. Then ask the committee to make a church Beautification Plan that addresses all of the safety, structural, maintenance and beautification issues you found. Your report should include a list of items to be addressed, costs, and suggested persons or companies. Be sure to get at least three bids on items that require contractors.

The committee may need to secure the advice of a contractors or even a professional building inspector in order to provide sound recommendations to the church board.

Present Church Beautification Plan to Church Board – Once your plan is prepared carry the slide presentation and Church Beautification Plan to the Church board for their consideration and vote.

Follow-Through – Now you are ready to make assignments, schedule when the repairs and improvements will be made, get the job done. While you finish give a concluding report to the Church board.

Other Resources

  • Church Beautification Presentation (PPT)
  • Shot List for Church Documentation (WORD)

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