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Welcome to Special Needs Ministries


Thank you for visiting our webpage.  We are delighted to have your interest.   We hope you will visit often to find information that will be helpful to you.  Please do not hesitate to invite your family, friends, and associates to visit, as well.


Educate and sensitize church members to embrace and support people with special needs, and to remove attitudinal barriers to inclusion.


Special Needs Ministries is committed to equal access, full inclusion, and full participation for people with special needs. We promote equal rights and privileges as well as equal accommodations. This is accomplished through Disabilities Awareness Sabbaths with a focus on disabilities education, which leads to disability sensitivity.


“Including all…omitting none”


We value humanity because all people are created in God’s image.  We value respect and dignity for people with special needs, as they work through complex issues that impact them and their families.  We value John 9:1-3, that speak to Jesus’ love of people with disabilities as vessels through which His works are made manifest and He is glorified.  We value outreach to individuals and families who have a disability; and, we value Luke 14:21-23, which compels us to seek and find people with special needs and bid them to come to Jesus so that His house will be filled.

Nettie Henderson, MSW
Director, Special Needs Ministries,  (615) 226-6500      (205) 482-5496

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