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The South Central Conference Office of Education is committed to a strong philosophy and belief that God will fulfill His promises to us, if we are faithful to His mission of educating our children and youth.

The South Central Conference Office of Education exists to establish, administer, and coordinate the activities of it’s K-12 schools. We endeavor to provide them with certified teachers, staff development, instructional material, and resources for the spiritual, social, physical and academic development of Seventh-day Adventist.


  • To encourage a broad level of achievement in its students and challenge schools to provide an advanced rigorous academic curriculum.
  • To foster in students a knowledge of the true image of God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a love for Him through communion with the Holy Spirit.
  • To challenge students to realize that it is their responsibility to obtain their highest potential on earth in mental, physical and spiritual health.
  • To adopt a systematic, logical and rational approach to decision-making and problem solving based on a body of scientific, mathematical, historical, and social knowledge, within the context of a biblical perspective.
  • To emphasize both verbal and non-verbal communication skills to prepare students for global leadership.
  • To develop an appreciation for the beautiful, both in God’s creation and in human expression, while nurturing individual ability in the fine arts.
  • To foster in students a love for learning as modeled by teachers who consistently and critically seek new knowledge and engage in professional development.
  • To ensure the long-term financial stability of the school.
  • To provide pastors, school boards and administrators with training on how to meet the financial needs necessary to accomplish the vision and mission of the conference.

The South Central Conference of Seventh-day Adventist operates a denominational, co-educational, K-12 community. It exists to prepare students for college and future leadership roles in service to God and man through an integrated approach that emphasizes a liberal arts academic program, physical development, and appreciation for the arts and extracurricular activities.


  • Develop students committed to learning as a means of restoring in them the image of God.
  • Direct students to triumph over limitations and define themselves more as individuals created by God and not by cultural practices.
  • Encourage students to reach their potential when transformed by the power of God.
SCC Education 2018 Fall Newsletter
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