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Online Giving

Here you can find information for online giving for the conference and for churches.

For Our Conference

You are able to give a gift, offering and/or tithe via the internet through our online giving via powered by the North American Division. You can use electronic checks, credit cards, and debit cards. Payments are processed securely and privately to protect online actions.

You just have to create a login username and password that you would use every time you desire to send in a gift, offering or tithe.

Give Here!

For Churches

If you desire to have online giving set up with your local church, contact your Pastor or Church Treasurer.

If you are a pastor or church treasurer and do not have online giving set up at for your church yet, please pay attention to the following:

To sign up, have the pastor or church treasurer of your church email
Or you can fill out and submit an online request form by visiting the site here: Sign Up

The information above for the conference applies here as well. 100% of the tithes and offerings are still sent through your local church.

More information can be found on the Adventist Giving website.

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