The Conference Administration consists of the three officers of the conference: The Conference President, the Conference Executive Secretary and the Conference Treasurer. The officers are elected for a term of five years, with a constitutional limit of two full terms.

Benjamin Jones Jr.
Benjamin Jones Jr.Conference President
Sonja M. Crayton
Sonja M. CraytonCFO/Executive Treasurer
John Nixon, Sr.
John Nixon, Sr.Executive Secretary

The Administration believes in working together as a team, a legacy left over from former President Benjamin Browne. We meet as officers 2 or 3 times each month; more often, in the months when the conference executive committee meets, to discuss the issues that are facing the conference and to candidly and prayerfully discuss those issues.

The Administration is responsible to the conference executive committee, a group of 23 individuals from around the conference. The closest analogy to the local church might be that conference executive committee acts for the conference in much the same way that the local church board acts for the church. The members of the executive committee are elected at the same time as the officers and for the same length of time-five years.

By constitution, the conference executive committee of our conference, is made up of a majority of laymen, i.e., individuals who do not work for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This is the norm for conference executive committees. Generally speaking, the executive committee meets once per quarter, usually on a Sunday. It is the practice of the Administration to meet for an hour for prayer prior to every executive committee with a group of committee members who wish to meet for prayer. The purpose is to ask for guidance as decisions are made.

The Administration asks for your daily prayers as we seek to serve our God and the members of this great conference. We are very clear that success comes, “not by power or by might”, but by the Spirit of the living God”.

May it be the blessed experience of each of us-the Administration, the workers and the members of this conference-that the Spirit of the living God, will fall afresh on us each day.

Blessings On You and Yours,

The Administration

“Partnership with God” to finish the work we have been called to do and graciously accept”

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