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If your church is small you do not need to fill every position, but we would like all churches to fill the following:

First Elder                                                                                           Head Deacon/Deaconess

Treasurer                                                                                            Personal Ministries Leader

Church Clerk      (Link to Church Clerk Page)                         Sabbath School Superintendant

Communications Director                                                            Women’s Ministries Leader


Ministry Descriptions:


Adult Sabbath School Coordinator                                                  Adult Sabbath School Facilitator
Adult Sabbath School Secretary                                                      Adult Sabbath School Teacher
Adventurer Club Director                                                                   Children’s Church Leader
Children’s Ministries Coordinator                                                     Children’s Sabbath School Assistant
Children’s Sabbath School Leader                                                  Children’s Sabbath School Teacher
Community Services Director                                                           Community Services Volunteer Ministry

Deacons and Deaconesses                                                                              Deaf Ministries                                                                    
Disabilities Ministries Coordinator                                                   Family Ministries Coordinator
Greeter Ministry                                                                                   Health Ministries Leader
Home and School Association                                                         Hospitality Ministry
Inner-City Ministries Coordinator                                                     Interest and Prospect Care Coordinator
Investment Leader                                                                             Lay Pastor Ministry
Local Church Elder                                                                              Men’s Ministry Director
Music Ministry Director                                                                       Outreach Coordinator                                                       
Pathfinder Club Director                                                                    Prayer Ministry Leader
Prayer Ministry QuickStart Guide                                                     Planning Committee Ministry Description
Religious Liberty Leader                                                                    School Board Chairperson
School Board Member                                                                       Seminar Coordinator
Singles Coordinator                                                                            Small Group Leader
Social Committee                                                                                               Stewardship
Treasurer                                                                                              Usher
Vacation Bible School Director                                                        Visitation Team
Women’s Ministry Coordinator                                                         Young Adult Sabbath School Assistant                        
Young Adult Ministries Coordinator                                                                Young Adult Sabbath School Leader

Youth Ministries Coordinator                                                            Youth Sabbath School Assistant
Youth Sabbath School Leader

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