South Central Annual Teen Leadership Training (TLT) Boot Camp

//South Central Annual Teen Leadership Training (TLT) Boot Camp

South Central Annual Teen Leadership Training (TLT) Boot Camp

South Central Conference Annual Teen Leadership Training (TLT) Boot Camp

Nine leaders, sixteen emerging leaders and two guest presenters came together on October 20-22, 2017 at the Wild Wild West Camp in Tuskegee, Alabama for a Teen Leadership Training. The focus was on team building and preparation.

Experiences in team building were gained through platoon membership, bridge building, and clearing a TLT Hiking Trail. Each boot camper was part of a platoon that consisted of 4-6 campers. Each platoon’s leader was responsible for keeping the platoon together (except bed time because the platoons were co-ed). The chain of command for each camper was platoon leader, Master Chief, Lieutenant, and Camp Commander. Much productive, effective and successful interaction went into play when each platoon worked together to build a bridge from wooden tongue depressors that would hold four pounds for two minutes. The platoons worked collaboratively to clear a hiking trail through the wilderness. They worked together to chop and clip wild weeds, saw tree limbs and make a wooden bridge across a small stream. Later that night, they had the opportunity to experience their hard work in a night hike. The ultimate in team building was “Big Foot.”  Big Foot is a race where three team members compete against another team to “walk” two 2x4x6 planks to a designated area.

“Interesting”, “Positive”, “Inspiring”, “Motivating”, “Informative”, “Made you think about your spiritual life and future”, “Listening to someone close to my age tell how to be responsible, mature and prepare for college was more effective than hearing it from a family member or an older person”. Those are some comments made about the special guest speaker, Jessica Johnson who focused on preparation for now and eternity. She shared how she almost missed graduating with her high school class, how God turned her life around and the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus. In preparation for the last days, campers also had the opportunity to experience what it could be like by playing a game entitled the “Time of Trouble.”

If you are an emerging leader and interested in opportunities for team building and preparation for the future, the next TLT Boot Camp is scheduled for October 19-21, 2018. Register Early! You don’t want to miss out! For more information contact South Central Conference Youth Department at 615-226-6500.

Written by Brenda Cowan, Longview Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church, Memphis TN.

The TLT Boot Camp is run by Cathy and Willie Nelms, and is open to ages 13-18.

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